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17 Stunning Blouse Designs for Back for Every Woman



different blouse back designs on the feature image

Even the prettiest lehengas or sarees can become boring if they are not paired with the perfect blouse. The color combination is not the only worry anymore; you have to find the right blouse’s back design to go perfectly with your overall dress. The varying back blouse designs can be confusing for many women, but that must not stop you from getting these awesome fits in your closet. Here’s a blog that covers 17 types of blouse back designs, cuts, and fits to enhance your overall look! 

17 Blouse Designs for Back for Next Festival Season 

Whether you’re a fan of traditional cuts or modern ones, now all types of blouse designs for the back are available in the market for all festivals. What’s even better is that now you can get a mixture of both, thanks to all the top designers working tirelessly to level up your game. 

You don’t have to run to expensive designers to get your dresses made up with unique and stunning blouse designs on the back, even your tailor can do it for you as long as you’re giving proper instructions. Here are some blouse designs you can take inspiration from: 

Back Blouse Design with Spaghetti Straps 

spaghetti straps blouse designs on back

If there’s any sassy blouse design, then it has to be the one with spaghetti straps. If you’re the bride, then it’s the best mehendi night outfit for you. Apart from the straps, you can also experiment with the back blouse design, such as with multicolored flowers and embellishments or any other idea that you have in mind. This fully backless blouse is a must to grab the attention of all guests. 

Deep Neck with Ruffled Edges

ruffled blouse back design

A deep neck in a blouse’s back design is common, but what is not too common are ruffled edges. Everyone has become a fan of ruffles be it in their lehengas, long shirts, or back blouse design. It’s an absolutely beautiful choice for every occasion, including Diwali, Eid, and others. This one additional change to your blouse makes the entire outfit look breathtaking, thus, getting many eyeballs on you. 

Black Blouse with Tassel 

back design with tassels

The blouse design on the back with a dori is the most classic cut you will ever see. It goes well with sarees and lehengas and looks best with all body types as well. 

You can opt for a black blouse with a tassel on the lower back with straps on the upper body to make it look flawless. It’s a common design but has only maintained to stay in the market as an ongoing trend due to its versatility. Try it out when you’re designing your next blouse! 

Reverse V-Neck with Doris

reverse V neck with doris

Keep your overall look stylish and modern with the reverse V-neck blouse design for the back with a dori look. You’re free to add as many doris as you want to the back to give it a heavier and more beautiful look. This design has been very famous among brides but is not limited to them. Adorn this gorgeous blouse design for the back and make heads turn wherever you go! 

Floral Bralette

Floral bralettes are the talk of the town with plain, simple sarees, palazzos, and lehengas. There’s no one stopping you from going a bit beyond simple. 

Your bare collar and back are enough to get eyes on you, so feel free to choose a textured bralette to look stunning from head to toe. Even your favorite actors, like Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif, are following the trend. When are you going to? 

Heavily Embroidered Back 

heavily embroidered back blouse design

Going to a wedding and confused about the blouse design? Don’t look beyond a heavily embroidered blouse design for the back, which is the perfect apparel for a bride, her mother, her sister, and her whole family. In short, if you’re a girl with a sparkly taste in everything, then let your backless embroidered blouse do the work for you. Match it up with a beautiful lehenga or a saree to look your best self in any event you attend! 

Strappy Back 

straps on a blouse design on back

Another beautiful full-back neck design is the one with straps. You can decide to design the straps according to your taste and style as there are many ways to do it. You can choose to wear this stunning piece of clothing with a saree, lehenga, or culottes. Adorn heels with them or go with flats, wear statement jewelry, and you are good to go anywhere. These blouse designs for the back are pretty famous among all women, especially with sarees, so do try them out before the trend goes out of style. 

Temple-Jewelry Inspired Blouse 

temple jewelry inspired back blouse design

Going to a temple is different, but have you ever tried temple jewelry to look your best self? If not, then trying out this unique blouse is a must for you. This is one of the best back blouse patterns that has been in style for ages. 

You can select the type of jewelry you want to be embroidered at the back of your blouse and go from there. Plus, you can find hundreds of tailors to do it for you since it’s been in the market for ages. It’s a modest look that goes perfectly well for all events. 

Zig-Zag with Pearls on Sleeves

zig zag blouse back design

If you don’t like showing a lot of skin, but love doris on your dress, then this blouse design for the back is just for you. You can decide if you want a U-shaped back design or a V-shaped one. The zig-zag dori design is not new in blouses, but recently, it has started to make a comeback due to its versatile nature. Regardless of what you decide to wear, this beautiful design will lift your entire outfit in minutes. 

Back with Patchwork 

blouse back design with pactchwork

Are you contrasting colors in the dress you’re planning to wear? If yes, then a back blouse design with patchwork or embroidery will make you look absolutely ravishing. Fully embroidered blouses and lehengas are in fashion with a contrasting dupatta to give it a coordinated look. In case you’re a saree girl, then get a contrasting saree with an embroidered blouse to get the best out of this trend. 

T-Shaped Back Blouse 

T shaped blouse back design

Add a dramatic touch to your dress, especially if it’s a plain one with a T-shaped blouse design for the back to look your best self. This design looks very beautiful if you’re matching it up with a modern yet elegant saree. 

The T-shaped back adds weight to the outfit, making it unique and different than traditional designs. Tie up your hair in a bun, put some flowers in it, wear minimal jewelry, and take over the world with your gorgeous smile and an unmatchable blouse design. 

Deep V-neck with a Hoop

deep V neck with a hoop blouse back design

The next blouse design for the back is a deep V-neck with a hoop holding the blouse together. The hoop is in the middle of the blouse, which makes your blouse look all jeweled up. 

You can opt for a different piece of jewelry to design your blouse depending on the occasion. Regardless, this design looks great on all occasions, so don’t step back when it comes to experimenting with your outfits. 

Modest Buttoned Up 

modest blouse back design

A modest buttoned-up blouse design on the back is a great option for women not like to show much of their skin. You can decide the cut and fit for the blouse to make it match your taste and style. Although this design looks beautiful on different dresses, it works like a charm for traditional sarees with embroidery. Wear a choker to complete the look and head to the event looking like someone who deserves all the praise. 

Glittery V-Neck with a Bow

blouse designs back with a glittery bow

A backless blouse design gives your whole outfit an edge. Whether you choose a solid color for the blouse or a sparkly one, a large bow at the back of the blouse adds a unique touch to the dress that you can’t get with a traditional blouse. 

For a minimal look, you can curl your hair and tie it up in a pony and wear hoops or long earrings to look absolutely gorgeous. This blouse design for the back has been making turns in the media with many popular actresses adorning it to galas and big events too! 

Net Blouse with Detailing 

net blouse with detailing as blouse designs on back

Net is never going out of fashion; this is for sure! Experience the beauty of a net blouse with a beautiful flared lehenga for the perfect look. Either choose to go with just a net blouse with little embroidery or opt for a fully embroidered net blouse. 

You can decide how you’d like the cut for the blouse design for the back, for instance, a V-neck, U-neck, or other ones. You can even use doris with it to make it far more appealing than a simple one. Designing a blouse is far easier today, thanks to all the designs from top designers! 

Bejeweled Detailing on Blouse Back 

bejeweled blouse back design

It’s almost the same as a deep V-neck with a hoop, but here your choices are not limited to a hoop. Bejeweling your blouse means you can put up your favorite jewelry at the back to make this statement blouse. Not just this, you can opt for a beautiful and elegant lace to use in the making of the blouse to make it stand out from the crowd. If you love to experiment, then this is the best blouse design you can get your hands on to make heads turn wherever you go! 

Backless Blouse with Three Doris 

backless with three doris back design

Pretty common, but still made it to the list due to the elegance it adds to your outfit. This chic blouse design on the back is everyone’s favorite for all the right reasons. The stylishness of this simple yet elegant fit is unmatched with any other option in the market. 

Look at Deepika Padukone in Ram Leela or any other top actress in Bollywood, you will find them all adorning this beauty at least once in their appearances. It’s a must-try for every woman who does not shy from getting all the eyeballs on her! 

Look Iconic with a Cute Blouse Design for Back 

Now that you know about so many back blouse patterns, it’s time to get yours designed without any delays. No matter if you love embroidery or minimalistic designs, you can find everything on the list to take inspiration for your next blouse. Simply choose a new blouse design for back from the list and get started with the tailoring process to stand out in every event you attend wearing the blouse!

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