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8 Natural Remedies for Stomach Ache 2024



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A rumbling stomach can be extremely uncomfortable and can surely ruin your day. You can be fine in one moment, and the next moment stomach ache starts, and the pain may feel too much to bear. If you face the same issue and want your stomach ache removed effectively, read the complete article to understand what’s good for a stomach ache and how to get rid of stomach ache.

What Are The Causes of Stomach Ache?

There can be many reasons why you are suffering from a stomach ache. In order to get an answer to “how to stop stomach pain?” or “how to get rid of a stomach ache?” you must identify the cause first. Stomach pain can have different causes, ranging from taking medicines on an empty stomach to something serious like an ulcer. This is why it is important to first identify the cause of your stomach aches so that you can get effective relief.

Check below some common causes of acute stomach aches:

  • Food poisoning
  • Indigestion or gas
  • Consuming spicy foods
  • Dehydration
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Stomach flu
  • Taking medicines on an empty stomach
  • Appendicitis

Check here some common causes behind chronic or more serious stomach pain:

  • Stomach ulcers
  • Inflammation of Pancreas
  • Intestinal disorders like IBS
  • Endometriosis
  • Gallstones
  • Certain cancers like stomach, pancreas, kidney, and liver.

What’s Good For a Stomach Ache?

While taking medications can help you get relief from stomach aches, you can also try some natural remedies to avoid any side effects. Whether it is stomach pain or any other digestive distress, it can be very uncomfortable and painful if not treated at the right time. Sometimes, stomach ache is caused due to certain allergies; in that case, the allergens must leave your system so that the symptoms can also go away.

If you are looking for a helpful answer to “what’s good for a stomach ache?” and “how to stop stomach pain?” then this article can provide valuable information about this. Let us find out more about home remedies for stomach ache and what’s good for a stomach ache.

How to Get Stomach Pain Relief?

Check for issues in your daily life to understand the root of the problem.

Whether it is caused by stress, anxiety, indigestion, or something else, there is always a remedy to get stomach pain relief. When you know the cause, you can get effective stomach pain relief. Check below the following points to learn more about what’s good for a stomach ache based on the cause and how you can get stomach pain relief.

  • Due to stress: Sometimes, stomach ache is due to stress or anxiety. So, in that case, you can get stomach pain relief by going for a walk. During stress, the nerves in your gastrointestinal tract can become more hypersensitive, resulting in cramps or nausea. Stomach aches caused by stress can be relieved by going for a short walk, deep breathing, or talking to a friend.
  • Due to constipation: If you have stomach pain due to constipation, then you can add Epsom salt to your bath water or rub wet Epsom salt on your belly. This helps in drawing fluid into the intestines and pushing out the fecal matter. Usually, pain in the lower abdomen can be a symptom of stomach aches due to constipation.
  • Due to cramps: In case of cramps, taking a natural antispasmodic peppermint tea and relaxing with a heating pad can help you get stomach pain relief. It can increase the rate of blood flowing to the stomach and help relax the muscles. 
  • Due to gas: There are many medications available for getting stomach pain relief from gas. Make sure you consult an expert for taking the right medicines. You can also try some natural remedies that we are going to discuss in the next section.

Stomach Ache Remedy: What’s Good For a Stomach Ache

Food that alleviates stomach ache
Rice tea
Apple cider vinegar

People often ask, “how to stop stomach pain?” and “what’s good for a stomach ache?”. Learning about different home remedies for stomach ache can help you understand how to get rid of a stomach ache without visiting any doctor. Here we are mentioning some of the most popular and effective stomach ache remedy and how they work to remove stomach pain. Read more and find out what’s good for a stomach ache.

Rice Tea

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Whether the stomach ache is caused due to diarrhea or indigestion, taking rice tea can help you get rid of the pain. All you have to do is boil rice and water (½ cup rice for 6 cups of water) for fifteen minutes. Then, strain the rice and add honey or sugar to flavor the water. You can also avoid adding any flavor to the water. Then, drink it warm, and it will alleviate your upset stomach.

Apply Heat

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While you might get confused about what’s good for a stomach ache and whatnot, there are certain things that can help you get rid of the pain as soon as possible. One such example is a heating pad. You can place a hot water bottle or a heating pad on the area of pain and get relief. Applying heat can help your muscles relax and provide you with some comfort. You can also try a warm water bath.


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Imagine asking everyone, “how to stop stomach pain?” or “how to get rid of a stomach ache?” and the answer lies in your garden. There are many natural home remedies for stomach ache that can help you get instant relief from the pain. One such example is peppermint which offers many health benefits. Peppermint can help improve the digestion process and relax stomach muscles.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple cider vinegar possesses some antibiotic properties that help in digestion and remove stomach pain. You can add apple cider vinegar to the warm water and drink it by adding a teaspoon of honey. So, now you know what’s good for a stomach ache and how to stop stomach pain.


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Again the answer to “how to get rid of stomach ache” can be in your garden. Ginger is an effective natural stomach ache remedy that contains chemicals responsible for relaxing smooth muscles. Ginger can help in the fast movement of the food and relieve stomach cramps. You can consume ginger in different ways, such as ginger tea, ginger ale, and ginger root.


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Another effective natural remedy for stomach pain is lime. The acidity of lime helps in the better functioning of the digestive system. The scent of lime causes the mouth to water which results in the increased production of saliva. Furthermore, more saliva results in the increased production of digestive juices aiding the process of digestion.

Stay hydrated

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As we mentioned before, stomach pain can also be caused due to dehydration. In case of dehydration, there can be a mineral imbalance in your body, which may also disrupt the body’s normal functioning. Stomach ache is a symptom of dehydration, and you can remove it by staying hydrated. Make sure you are consuming fluids in your diets, such as water, beverages, and other foods.

Regular exercise

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While there are many natural home remedies for stomach pain, regular exercise is one of the most important. There are different types of physical activities such as cycling, yoga, and stretching that can help you remove stomach pain. Stomach pain and discomfort can be reduced due to proper physical activities.

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