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All you need to know about Affari of Sweden



 The journey of Affari of Sweden shop started in the year 1998 by three founders. This initiative aimed to provide the people with products that true craftsmen make. In the initial stage, the business started by manufacturing the candles. It turned into providing the customers with all the different kinds of collections made in recognition of tradition and knowledge. 

To give you insight into this creative and famous venture, here is a guide for you to cover all the queries that you might have. 

What is Affari of Sweden?

It is famous for providing its customers with a range of collections of decorative accessories and products. The collection comprises Swedish savoir vivre that has its own charm and also the patina of the raw materials. This radiates charming feelings in the environment, inside and also on the outside of the house or any location. 

What kind of products do they offer?

Affari of Sweden has a wide range of products to satisfy the demands of the consumers. When it comes to decorative accessories, people have different tastes. To cater to the demands of a diverse audience with different interests, Affari of Sweden shop offers a huge variety to all the people. 

Dining and tableware

People love to set up their dining tables and give them an aesthetic look. Meeting these demands, the Affari of Sweden outlet offers multiple products. This includes classical-styled chopping boards, dishes, bowls, plates, and all the other items that you use in the kitchen, presented in unique and minimal features. 

The products are not only for the looks but have high quality and can also be used for a long time. You will find various glass and porcelain products, ceramics, clean, classic lines, and stainless steel products, which are also usable in the kitchen. The functionality of the products is also quite high and perfect. 


Furniture is enough for the people to make a hint of the lifestyle someone has and the kind of life they are living. To keep the furniture that you truly like, the variety is present in the Affari of Sweden shop. The brand includes all the trendy, classic, modern, easy to place, and recycled furniture that can give your room a comfortable and unique vibe. 

There are a lot of customers who like to mix and match classic and modern furniture. Customers can form combinations with different styled products and create a room environment that they feel cozy in.


Apart from the furniture, the interior of the house is also very important to complete the overall look. Without having any products for interior design, the room looks dull and gives the feeling that something is missing.

You will find the products for the interior at Affari of Sweden ljus where the stock and variety are huge. The products range from sofa cushions to candle holder and classical pots. It depends on the consumer and how they want to decorate. 


The product range in the Affari of Sweden outlet further includes accessories. When it comes to accessories, you will find towels, bags, and straw hats that are made from all the natural raw materials that radiate luxury feelings. You can find the products both in the modern style as well as in the classical and antique fashion. 

Do they offer Cote Nord candles?

You will find a wide range of cote nord candles in different shapes and sizes. There are pillar cote nord candles, ball cote nord candles, and also some square-shaped nord candles. Within these ranges, you can further find different colors and can choose the one that matches the combination of your room. 

Where do I find Affari’s products?

All kinds of products that are offered by Affari are present on the official website of the brand. You will find all the categories of the products that are available on the site. As this company provides a lot of products that are very unique, for this reason, it is very unlikely for the consumers to find similar products on some other platform or brand. 

Official website of Affari

The website is available in four different languages so that all the customers can easily understand and scroll through the site. It is present in the following languages:

  • English 
  • French
  • Dutch 
  • Swedish 

The site is user-friendly and can be accessed through any device, such as mobile devices, desktops, PC, or even tablets. The layout is also easy to use, where you can scroll through all the pages. All the available categories are present on the home page. You can also find the sub-categories so that you directly open the pages that have the products as per your taste. By adding the filters in the search, you can sort the products by pricing, names, popularity, delivery timing, color, and the time frame of the productions. 

Affiliate sites

There are three main affiliate sites of Affari that help their products to reach the targetted audience. Look at the following three affiliate sites:


Brafab was initially the business of manufacturing baskets, ladders, and spoons. Slowly they brought in new products and turned into one of the largest brands that supply outdoor furniture. The company is focused on showing the people that beauty and decoration outside the house is as important as the inside of the house. 


This brand started for the purpose of showing people how necessary it is for them to be in their comfort zone and relax instead of hustling all the time. This brand has added a Scandinavian design in all the products they have and the craftsmanship with high functionality features. This company is focused more on armchairs to give people a comfortable product on which they can ease and drain out all their worries. 


As the name suggests, Furninova manufactures furniture in which they first make unique designs and then make the products. The style preferred by this brand is an international style in which they use high-quality fabric and products that are used in everyday life at home. 

How to become a retailer

Affari provides an opportunity for people to become a retailer for their brand. The process of becoming a retailer is quite simple. You can find the option of “become a retailer” on the footer of the website’s home page. 

To be a retailer, first, you need to become a registered customer. This brand does not sell to any private person or private parties. In order to be a registered customer, you need to add in all your personal details. All the information that you add here will not be used for anything; it is just used as an assurance and to keep it in the database. 

When do you need to buy products from Affari?

There are different shipping timings that vary from one product to another. If a customer requires the products on an urgent basis, then they can add in the filter of week delivery to see all those products that they can get their hands on in just a week. In case you want the products in bulk, then you can connect with the representatives after getting registered to the website. 

You will always find a huge variety of products, but sometimes, there are some products that go out of stock at the initial stage of the launch. It is recommended to order as early as possible to refrain from not getting the product at all. 

People often get confused about when they should buy the product and where they can display it. Here are the two suggestions that how you can use these products:

Traditional events 

In Sweden, you will come across a number of events in which the brands showcase their traditional and cultural products. All the products of Affari are handmade, and they have talented craftsmen that work on manufacturing these products. You will find the bags and the cushions that this talented group of people handcrafts. 

In these events, the majority of the targeted audience is present. Retailers often display these products in such events where there is always a high chance of getting unlimited sales. 

Make rooms beautiful 

To fulfill the purpose of the website’s vision, the products are enough to make the room and the entire house beautiful. These products make the overall look of the room complete and also outshine the furniture that you have. Without these products, even the furniture looks dull and small. 

A glimpse of Affari

This B2B brand has a variety of products that depict Sweden’s culture and tradition. Among the modern furniture market, this brand has its roots only in the minimal and traditional furniture that provides the classical aura to any location where it is placed. 

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