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List of Airports in Sweden – Domestic and International

Spend more time travelling than searching for airports!



list of airports in Sweden

While planning a trip to Sweden, it is important to check your options for transportation. Will you be flying, using waterways, or hiring a vehicle for a road trip? For most people, travelling by air means you get to cut down travel time by quite a bit, giving you more time to explore. This is why we bring you a full list of airports in Sweden which include domestic as well as international terminals.

Now, picking the right airport is crucial. Your Swedish holiday plan undoubtedly depends on the departure and arrival destinations. You don’t want lengthy layovers in between that will eat up your vacation time. Trying to figure out travel options in a foreign country could be challenging, too. You’re likely to make mistakes in search of the right destinations.

Luckily, most of these mistakes are avoidable if you take the right measures beforehand. The very first step begins with choosing from this list of Swedish airports when you start planning the tour. Alongside each location, we’ve mentioned the name of the available airport(s).

Using this information, you can map out where your ground tours should end so you can catch your flight to the next destination on time. You’ll find both public and private airports listed within as well as their ICAO airport codes. Please note this list doesn’t include military airfields and heliports in Sweden. 

Full List of Swedish Airports

  1. Alvesta has Alvesta Airport SNXQ
  2. Arbrå has Arbrå Airport ESUB
  3. Alingsås has Alingsås Airport ESGI
  4. Arboga has Arboga Airport ESQO
  5. Arvidsjaur has Arvidsjaur Airport ESNX
  6. Anderstorp has Anderstorp Airport ESMP
  7. Angelholm/Helsingborg has Angelholm Airport ESTA
  8. Arvika has Arvika–Westlanda Airport ESKV
  9. Avesta Krylbo has Avesta Krylbo Airport ESVA
  10. Älvsbyn has Älvsbyn Airport ESUV
  11. Ånge has Tälje Airport ESUJ
  12. Älmhult has Möckeln Airport ESMU
  13. Åsele has Åsele Airport ESUS
  14. Ålleberg has Ålleberg Airport ESGC
  15. Brattforsheden has Brattforsheden Airport ESSM
  16. Borlange/Falun has Dala Airport ESSD
  17. Borås has Viared Airport ESGE
  18. Borgholm has Borglanda Airport ESMB
  19. Dala-Järna has Dala-Järna Airport ESKD
  20. Eskilstuna has Eskilstuna Airport ESSU and Ekeby Airport ESSC
  21. Emmaboda has Emmaboda Airport ESMA
  22. Eslöv has Eslöv Airport ESME
  23. Edsbyn has Edsbyn Airport ESUY
  24. Eksjö has Ränneslätt Airport ESMC
  25. Enkoping has Enkoping Airport
  26. Ekshärad has Ekshärad Airport ESKH
  27. Falkenberg has Morup Airport ESGF
  28. Flen has Flen Airport
  29. Fjällbacka has Fjällbacka Airport ESTF
  30. Falköping has Falköping Airport ESGK
  31. Gagnef has Gagnef Airport ESVG
  32. Gimo has Lunda Airfield ESKA
  33. Götene has Brännebrona Airport ESGN
  34. Gothenburg has Landvetter Airport ESGG and Saeve Airport DBBS
  35. Gargnäs has Gargnäs Airport ESUG
  36. Grönhögen has Grönhögen Airport ESTG
  37. Gallivare has Gallivare Airport ESNG
  38. Gavle/Sandviken has Sandviken Airport ESSK
  39. Gryttjom has Gryttjom Airport ESKG
  40. Hedemora has Hedemora Airport
  41. Hagfors has Hagfors Airport ESOH
  42. Hede has Hedlanda Airport YPPD
  43. Halmstad has Halmstad Airport ESMT
  44. Hällefors has Hällefors Airport ESVH
  45. Hemavan has Hemavan Airport ESUT 
  46. Härnösand has Myran Airport ESUH
  47. Hassleholm has Hassleholm Airport ESFA, Bokeberg Airport ESFA, and Vankiva Airport ESMD
  48. Hallviken has Hallviken Airport ESNA
  49. Höganäs has Höganäs Airport ESMH
  50. Hultsfred has Hultsfred Airport ESSF
  51. Herrljunga has Herrljunga Airport ESGH
  52. Hudiksvall has Hudiksvall Airport ESNH
  53. Idre has Idre Airport ESUE
  54. Jonkoping has Axamo Airport ESGJ
  55. Khanty-Mansiysk has Khanty-Mansiysk Airport USHH
  56. Karlstad has Karlstad Airport ESOK
  57. Karlshamn has Karlshamn Airport
  58. Kalmar has Kalmar Airport ESMQ
  59. Karlskoga has Karlskoga Airport ESKK
  60. Kramfors has Höga Kusten Airport or Kramfors-Sollefteå ESNK
  61. Kungsängen has Frölunda Airport ESVF
  62. Katrineholm has Katrineholm Airport ESVK
  63. Kiruna has Kiruna Airport ESNQ
  64. Kågeröd has Kågeröd Airport ESMJ
  65. Kristianstad has Kristianstad Airport or Kristianstad Österlen Airport ESMK
  66. Köping has Köping Airport ESVQ
  67. Laxå has Laxå Airport ESSH
  68. Landskrona has Heliport Airport ESML
  69. Lund has Lund Airport ESMN
  70. Lycksele has Lycksele Airport ESNL
  71. Linkoping has Linkoping Airport ESSL
  72. Lulea has Kallax Airport ESPA
  73. Ljusdal has Ljusdal Airport ESUL
  74. Ljungby has Feringe Airport ESMG
  75. Lidkoping has Hovby Airport ESGL
  76. Ludvika has Ludvika Airport ESSG
  77. Ljungbyhed has Ljungbyhed Airport ESTL
  78. Malung has Skinnlanda Airport ESVM 
  79. Mohed has Mohed Airport ESUM 
  80. Mellansel has Mellansel Airport ESUI 
  81. Malmo has Sturup Airport ESMS and Malmo Harbour Heliport Airport ESHM
  82. Munkfors has Munkfors Airport ESKO
  83. Mora has Mora Airport ESKM
  84. Nykoping has Nykoping Airport
  85. Norrtälje has Mellingeholm Airport ESSN
  86. Norrkoping has Kungsangen Airport ESSP
  87. Ornskoldsvik has Ornskoldsvik Airport ESNO
  88. Optand has Optand Airport ESNM
  89. Oskarshamn has Oskarshamn Airport ESMO
  90. Oviken has Oviken Airport ESUO
  91. Ostersund has Froesoe Airport ESNZ and Åre Östersund Airport ESNZ
  92. Orsa has Orsa Airport ESNR
  93. Orebro has Orebro-Bofors Airport ESOE
  94. Ölanda has Ölanda Airport ESMQ
  95. Överkalix has Överkalix Airport ESNE
  96. Öresten has Öresten Airport ESGM
  97. Piteå has Piteå Airport ESNP
  98. Pajala has Pajala Airport ESUP
  99. Ronneby has Kallinge Airport ESDF
  100. Ramsele has Ramsele Airport ESUR
  101. Stockholm has Arlanda Airport ESSA, Vasteras/Hasslo Airport ESOW, Bromma Airport ESSB, Skå-Edeby Airport ESSE, and Skavsta Airport ESKN
  102. Sandvik has Sandvik Airport ESFS
  103. Skelleftea has Skelleftea Airport ESNS
  104. Sundsvall has Sundsvall/Harnosand Airport ESNN
  105. Soderhamn has Soderhamn Airport ESNY
  106. Sala has Sala Airport ESCM
  107. Solvesborg has Solvesborg Airport
  108. Säffle has Säffle Airport ESGY
  109. Sollefteå has Sollefteå Airport ESNK
  110. Siljansnäs has Siljansnäs Airport ESVS
  111. Sunne has Sunne Airport ESKU
  112. Storuman has Gunnarn Airport ESUD
  113. Smålandsstenar has Smålandsstenar Airport ESMY
  114. Sodertalje has Sodertalje Heliport Airport
  115. Sundbro has Sundbro Airport ESKC
  116. Skånes-Fagerhult has Fagerhult Airport ESMF
  117. Skovde has Skovde Airport ESGR
  118. Strömstad has Näsinge Airport ESGS
  119. Sveg has Sveg Airport ESND
  120. Sälen/Trysil has Sälen Trysil Airport or Scandinavian Mountains Airport ESKS
  121. Storvik has Lemstanäs Airport ESOL
  122. Trollhattan has Trollhattan Airport ESGT
  123. Tierp has Tierp Airport ESKT
  124. Trelleborg has Trelleborg Airport or Maglarp Airport ESMR
  125. Tidaholm has Bämmelshed Airport ESGD
  126. Torsby has Torsby Airport or Fryklanda Airport ESST
  127. Tomelilla has Tomelilla Airport ESTO 
  128. Umea has Umea Airport ESNU 
  129. Uppsala has Uppsala Airport ESCM 
  130. Uddevalla has Backamo Airport ESGA and Rörkärr Airport ESGU 
  131. Vaxjo has Vaxjo Airport ESMX and Smaland Airport ESMX
  132. Västervik has Västervik Airport ESSW
  133. Varberg has Varberg Airport ESGV
  134. Vellinge has Vellinge Airport ESTT
  135. Visingsö has Visingsö Airport ESSI
  136. Vängsö has Vängsö Airport ESSZ
  137. Vårgårda has Vårgårda Airport ESGO
  138. Visby has Visby Airport ESSV
  139. Vilhelmina has Vilhelmina Airport ESNV
  140. Västerås has Johannisberg Airport FAJS

Start Planning your Tour Already

With more than 100 airports in Sweden, planning your tour to and from the Scandinavian country is a cakewalk, ins’t it? Godspeed! 

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