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10 Things Sweden is Best Known for

It’s more than Roxette, Volvo and Saab, we promise!



best things about Sweden

Sweden has a lot of interesting features that make it one of the best European countries to tour. You’ll come across lush landscapes, breathtaking architecture, unique food options, and more to keep you occupied while you tour the region. However, apart from the natural beauty and tourist sites, there are also some innovations and unique cultures that you will only find in Sweden. Have a look at our list of the best things about Sweden below to find out more about this exciting Nordic country.

1. Alfred Nobel

If the name doesn’t ring a bell then you’re more likely to be familiar with the Nobel Prize. These are awards given to leading achievers within the literary and scientific worlds. The award’s name comes from the renowned Swedish businessman, engineer and chemist Alfred Nobel.

A French newspaper falsely printed his obituary instead of his brother’s, painting him as a dynamite inventor profiting from arms sales. As a result, he chose to leave behind a better legacy by starting the Nobel Prize award.

Alfred Nobel

2. The Ice Hotel

Sound bizarre? Well, don’t be surprised because Sweden has it. Originally made in 1989 in the village of Jukkasjärvi, the hotel is made purely of snow and ice from the Torne River.

Due to the nature of ice, the design of the hotel gets renewed every year by new designers looking to make a mark in the area. You’ll come across a bar, an ice chapel, and bedrooms as well. Depending on how long you’d like to stay, you can choose between the cold and hot rooms.

The cold rooms are made entirely of ice, with ice slabs that function as the beds. For comfort, try the hot rooms instead since the Jukkasjärvi region is known for having temperatures as low as -4°C to help maintain the structure.

The Ice Hotel

3. Swedish Meatballs

Are you wondering why shoppers at IKEA crowd around the cafeteria every day? Then you probably haven’t had the pleasure of tasting the infamous Swedish meatballs. These are a delicacy usually made from beef and pork, but which can also be made from moose or elk meat. Take a meatball tour around Sweden and you’ll even find varieties made from reindeer, rooster, wild boar, salmon, or turkey.

Swedish Meat Balls

4. 1% Waste

Most countries these days are looking for ways to reduce the amount of waste within their borders. However, Sweden currently takes the prize among other European countries as far as sustainable recycling practices go.

The country has managed to reduce the amount of waste they process to a mere 1%. That’s thanks to the Pant system which has been around since 1984. Through the program, a variety of recycling bin options can be found all over the region to help with trash sorting.

Another show of the citizens’ dedication to greener practices is the fact that some individuals even visit recycling centers to sort the trash they’re disposing of.

1% Waste Sweden

5. The Most Islands In the World

Which country would you say has the most islands? Your answer would probably consider regions like the Philippines, Canada or even Indonesia.

Though that would make a good guess, most people don’t know that Sweden actually has the most islands in the world! Sweden boasts more than 267,000 islands spread out across the region. However, most of them are uninhabited which makes them easy to overlook by both locals and travelers alike.

Sweden the country with the most Islands

6. Design

You cannot talk about Sweden without mentioning their prowess in the design field. From the varied architecture you’ll come across in the cities, to the unique yet functional furniture options available at stores like the Swedish furniture giant IKEA, Swedes clearly have an eye for unique styles. Textiles also fall into this category, with the world’s second-largest clothing store H&M hailing from Sweden.

Sweden IKEA design

7. Spotify

One of the most renowned music apps, globally, is Spotify. But did you know its origins are based in Sweden? Founded in Stockholm in 2006, the app was created to curtail piracy within the music industry. And going by the fact that it currently has more than 200 million users at the moment, it’s clearly made its mark in helping artists earn their dues from the songs they create.

Spotify Sweden

8. Fika

Experience an authentic Swedish tradition by taking part in Fika. Loosely translated to mean a coffee break, Fika is any time during the day that Swedes take to blow off some steam if any.

To signify that it’s a Fika break, you’ll come across people at restaurants and cafes drinking coffee. Traditionally, though, it was a home affair where the coffee would be accompanied by some homemade pastries on the side. In general, Fika signifies the closeness that people feel whenever they take a break to socialise with friends and loved ones.

Swedish Fika

9. The Northern Lights

Also called the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights are one of the best things about Sweden. create a light show you won’t find anywhere else. Get a clear view of the billowing lights by visiting the Abisko National Park.

It offers the best view since it’s one of the least polluted areas towards the far north side of the country. Several theories exist as to the existence of the Northern Lights. However, one thing is clear. You have to be in Sweden to glimpse the green, blue and pinkish hues that light up the night skies in Kiruna area.

Northern Lights in Sweden Aurora Borealis

10. Food In Tubes

A lot of different products come in tubes, such as toothpaste. However, in Sweden, you can find food in tubes. Though this isn’t something new since astronauts and deployed military personnel use them, Swedes consider food in tubes an everyday affair. As a result, you’ll come across several edible options available in tubes at the grocery stores.

food in tube in Sweden

These include spreadable cheese, pates, and caviar options for sandwiches. You’ll also find condiments like hamburger dressing or mayonnaise, and even purees which can be used for cooking, like tomato puree. Food tubes are so common in Sweden that there are even special devices you can use to ensure you squeeze all the contents out!


I’m Jordan Frode from Stockholm, an avid columnist, who has been in the business for 5 years. My expertise are straightforwardly identified with reporting various topics across Sweden and Europe.

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Canada Or Sweden: Which Country is Better To Live In



Canada Or Sweden

When it comes to choosing a country to live in, you consider so many factors before making a firm decision. Your decision may depend on financial aspects, job opportunities, climate change, culture, traditions, food type, health benefits, language, crime rate, and many more factors.  That said, the preference to live in a country is subjective. This article will be reviewing the top two most desirable countries to live in: Canada Vs Sweden. Continue reading to get some valuable information to make a firm decision. 

Canda vs Sweden: Better Location 

Canada Or Sweden: Which Country is Better To Live In

Canada Or Sweden: Which Country is Better To Live In


Nestled in the northern hemisphere, Canada is filled with arctic tundra and snow sprinkled mountains. It is all set to give you some icy chills around the year. 


Sweden is nestled in northern Europe and lies between Norway and Finland. But indeed has so much more to offer than fresh and wintery beautiful mornings. Temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees and can go high to 30 degrees. And one of the best kept Sweden’s secrets is that it offers some fantastic beaches and is a beautiful place to spend summers. 

Educational Benefits In Canada and Sweden

Canada or Sweden: Education

Canada or Sweden: Education


Canada ensures valuable education and access to the best schooling across the country. The government is more concerned about education and wants to offer a holistic educational approach based on platforms to children in the country. To promote education, Canadian universities and schools provide great scholarships; do check them out. 


Sweden is best known for its quality education and wants to make it accessible to everyone. Swedish schools and universities offer free education to EU citizens. also scholarship; therefore, you can enjoy quality education without losing your pocket strings once you get EU citizenship. If you don’t have EU citizenship, you have to pay for the education plan accordingly. 

However, they do offer some best scholarships; therefore Google and check out the Schools in Sweden. 

Healthcare facilities

Canada or Sweden

Health facilities in Canada and Europe.


Canada has a fair healthcare system with affordable medical treatments. Each province is provided with a fully-fledged health budget, and local administration issues a health budget to eligible candidates, which allows Canadian citizens to avail various healthcare benefits. 


Sweden has around 60 expert hospitals that are specialized healthcare centers. The healthcare schemes are carried out after observing the local level requirements, which results in well-structured hospitals. 

The cherry on top is that the municipal government takes the discharged patients’ responsibility and checks whether they need home care facilities or public nursing homes. 

Work Culture 


Canadian workplace is far more egalitarian than the other workplaces in the world. Employees have to follow instructions, but they are not belittled whilst giving a suggestion, and all the employees across the hierarchical work chain are well-respected. The managers are always there to help and guide their juniors. When it comes to feedback, Canadians give direct feedback and will always appreciate your work. 


It can be said that working in Sweden is like being on vacation– as they give you many holidays. Initially, many companies offer around five weeks of paid leave, and benefits increase as you do up in the workplace hierarchy. Also, the work culture in Sweden is healthy, and every employee is given equal respect. If you are expecting to be parents soon, you will be getting 480 days of paid parental leave, which is enormous! 

Economic stability In Both Countries


Well, postcard images worthy view is not only the reason why you should choose Canada. The financial aspect is also something you can consider while moving to Canada. Canada has the world’s most robust economy and gives a substantial career option to the people. Canadians, on average, can earn around $1,050.59 per week, and VAT in Canada is 5% on health, rental, child care, or, in a nutshell, on all essential services. 


Taxes are much much higher not only in Europe but around the world as well. The benefits offered by the Swedish government are great in healthcare, education, food, and many more. If you earn 18,800kr per year or less, then you are not entitled to pay any tax. If you make more than 433,000kr, you have to pay 31% tax. Standard VAT in the country is around 25%. 

Similarities between Sweden and Canada 

Canada vs Sweden


Well, there are not many similarities between Sweden and Canada. Differences go beyond culture, language, taxes, food, etc. However, there are some similarities in both countries. Let’s discuss them below.

Flora & Fauna  

As both countries have almost similar climatic conditions, they both share the same flora & fauna. Both the nations are blessed with vast forest lands with magnificent canopying trees. The forests can be easily spotted across the country. 

Leisure and relaxation activities  

Both Sweden and Canada are known for their enormous recreational centres. Both the countries offer great leisure activities to relax their people. So if you are in a mood to dance along with a Polar bear or see a penguin dive in the ocean, both countries can accommodate both. 


Houses in both the country are not built with bricks; instead are made with no material to prevent cold from damping in. But this doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality; instead, they are built with high-quality material to keep the house’s temperature moderate. 

Air is as fresh as a daisy. 

Citizens of both countries enjoy the fresh breeze of air. The fresh atmosphere is the result of enormous forest land across the country. Pacific and Atlantic oceans at the borders of Canada and Baltic and Norwegian sea flow across Sweden also contribute to fresh air. 

The Bottom Line

We hope now choosing between Canada and Sweden will not be Sophie’s choice! We have covered almost all the differences and similarities between the two most tempted countries to make the work very easy for you. Hopefully, you will make a thoughtful decision. 


I’m Jordan Frode from Stockholm, an avid columnist, who has been in the business for 5 years. My expertise are straightforwardly identified with reporting various topics across Sweden and Europe.

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Scholarship in Sweden: Everything You Need To Know

For an aspiring international student, Scholarship in Sweden is a great idea. There are over 60 Bachelor’s and around 900 Master’s degrees.



Scholarship in Sweden

For an aspiring international student, Sweden is a great destination. There are over 60 Bachelor’s and around 900 Master’s degree on Sweden’s education portal. Moreover, you can choose from a comprehensive variety of English-taught study programs and disciplines.

However, getting your education from Sweden does not need to be expensive. If you look into the right places, you will find that getting higher education in Sweden is relatively easy. Moreover, in some cases, it comes with fully-funded scholarships. Like Sweden Government Scholarship 2021 Fully Funded, Sweden Government Scholarship for Undergraduate 2021.

Possibilities are many, and hence in this particular article, you would find out your most preferable scholarship options.

How to get scholarship in Sweden?

Scholarship in Sweden
Stockholm Campus.

There are loads of diverse ways in which a student can avail scholarship to study in Sweden. The opportunity to learn in Sweden may be right in front of you with multiple scholarship options.

Besides, the Swedish Institute (SI) comes up with a large variety of numerous scholarships. These scholarships are given based on the subject you wish to explore and your nationality.

Here are a few ways to get financial aid from universities and other public or even private institutions:

  • Scholarship granted by the Swedish Institute is given to scholars applying for Master’s degree programs.
  • Scholarship offered via Visby Program, the partnership between Russia and EU Eastern countries. These grants are given to those who apply to programs centring on subject areas related to reform, sustainability, and corporate social duty.
  • Country-specific scholarships are offered to international students from certain countries.
  • Individual universities that give the scholarship. Each institution is free to decide the term, cost, and admission criteria for the scholarship.
  • Studyportals scholarship: International distinction awards are for those pupils who prove their potential of changing the world.

Up to 2010, Sweden was amid one of the few nations to offer studies for free. After that, the Swedish Government passed a law that charges application and tuition fees. But the costs are from the aspiring scholars from non-EU/EEA countries to be supplied by Swedish Scholarship Programs. Thus, if you’re wondering about how can I get a scholarship in Sweden, then make sure you remember these things.

How to get a government scholarship to study abroad?

Scholarship in Sweden
Typical Class In a historic Swedish University.

There are majorly two sorts of scholarships given by Sweden for international students. One is the government’s scholarships, while the other is the one presented by the universities.

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

  • Sweden Government Scholarship 2021 is a fully-funded scholarship program. International students can apply for the Sweden Government Scholarship 2021, fully funded for free. The Swedish Institute Scholarship offers to seek a Master Degree.
  • Sweden Government Scholarship will offer 300 fully-funded scholarships to international students that are covered with airfares, tuition and travel grants, and other expenses by Swedish Government.
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals provides many full scholarships for the Master’s program in Sweden.

The Visby Programme Scholarships

  • The Visby Programme provides several full scholarships for Master’s programmes in Sweden to students from certain countries. The countries are namely Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia.
  • The scholarship covers the living expenses and tuition fees of SEK 9,000 per month, one-time travel grant of SEK 5,000. Moreover, it also includes insurance.

Private Scholarships in Sweden for International students.

Blenkinge Institute of Technology Scholarship Programme

  • BTH Scholarship Programme is for proposed students for citizens from non-EU/EEA countries required to pay tuition fees for Swedish university education.
  • The particular scholarship programme offers scholarship meeting tuition fees in part, which is up to 50 percent.

University of Borås Fee Waivers

  • The University of Borås offers tuition fees Waivers to highly able students required to pay tuition fees applying for the eligible Master’s Programme at the University.
  • The scholarships are proposed to cover the tuition fees by around 50%. However, these are not meant to cover the living expenses.

Halmstad University Scholarships

  • Each year, Halmstad University offers numerous scholarships to fitted students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland who are needed to pay tuition fees.
  • These scholarships are towards Master’s programmes within any field of education offered at the University.
  • Halmstad University intends to cover up to 25% or, in some cases, up to 50% of the tuition fees. The amount is lessened from the actual tuition fee.

Karlstad University Global Scholarship Programme

  • The Karlstad University Global Scholarship Programme aims to attract top academic students from countries other than the EU/EEA and Switzerland. All who are needed to pay the tuition fees.
  • The particular scholarship covers up to 25%, 50%, 75%, and even 100% of the required tuition fees.

Bottom Line

Scholarship in Sweden
Swedish Library.

We all would agree that for an aspiring international student, Sweden is a great destination. Besides, the expenses of studying in Sweden are nominal.

Furthermore, you can apply for the scholarships granted by the authorities there. There are majorly two ways for you to attain the scholarship. You can, for one, apply for government-funded scholarships, like the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals and Visby Programme Scholarships.

The other option is to apply to the University Scholarships for International Students programmes. For example, BTH Scholarship Programme, Halmstad University Scholarships, and more.

The good part is you can apply for any type of scholarship and get your tuition fees covered from up to 25% to 75%. Also, if you turn out to be a qualified student, you might get a fully-funded scholarship. In some cases, it includes your traveling and living expenses as well.

All you have to do is choose amid the 60 Bachelors and over 900 Master’s Degree Programmes. Then apply for the related available scholarship application, and qualify the required necessities.

Afterwards, you are ready to get your education with your tuition fees, living costs and travel expenses covered by scholarships. Also, in some cases, it covers your insurance as well. Moreover, it would be in one of the great destinations for higher education, Sweden.


I’m Jordan Frode from Stockholm, an avid columnist, who has been in the business for 5 years. My expertise are straightforwardly identified with reporting various topics across Sweden and Europe.

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Sweden Summer Holiday – Best Time to Plan and Things to Do

Plan, because YOLO!



Sweden Summer Holiday

When you have summer holidays on your mind, one of the ideal places to visit would be Sweden. This article aims at helping you chalk out that perfect Sweden summer holiday so you leave with memories of a lifetime! Read on to find out how to make your tour rewarding.

When Does Summer Start In Sweden?

Planning your Swedish summer holiday requires you to know in advance when the season will be. There are plenty of online platforms that offer this information every year to enable you to have accurate dates to make your plans. In general, though, summer tends to arrive by June and end by the end of August.

With this range, you can make bookings in advance for things like your accommodation, flights, travel guides, tours and much more. If you’re looking to make savings during your travels through Sweden’s tourist destinations, make bookings during off-peak seasons before summer. Payment rates for various destinations and activities are usually lower, which means you’ll have extra money to buy trinkets when you finally arrive for your holiday.

It’s good to remember that Sweden is counted among the few western European countries with stable summers. You may experience light rain showers now and then. However, these only add to the season’s appeal since they create a cooling effect on rather hot days. It’s a worthwhile experience that you should indulge in whenever the opportunity arises.

What to Expect with Swedish Summers

No Darkness

With summer in Sweden, the region blooms as temperatures soar and the various cities change from their usual routines to accommodate the weather changes. You’ll even get to experience a natural phenomenon as cool as the midnight sun. Also called the polar day, it refers to uninterrupted days of sunshine for regions located either south of the Antarctic Circle, or north of the Arctic Circle. Sweden falls within that geographical area.

With the midnight sun, you get longer days to do more exploration of Sweden’s sites. Twenty-four hours of sunshine to be exact. However, as someone new to the region during that period, you should pack a sleeping mask to help you get some shut-eye when the need arises. If you forget to, though, don’t worry. You’ll notice that most accommodation options you’ll come across will have blackout curtains. These are thicker than ordinary curtains to help create a dark atmosphere whenever you’re ready to sleep.

Cordoned Off Streets

However, the never-setting sun isn’t the only change you’ll notice. As you walk about the various streets, you’ll experience a few other differences in line with the season. That’s, especially, if you’ve previously visited Sweden during different times of the year. For starters, schools tend to close for the entire period of the summer holidays.

However, did you know that some businesses also close up in the main cities? That’s right. Whenever you see a sign that reads semesterstängt, that’s Swedish to indicate that the establishment or office is closed for the holidays.

The streets also change with gågator, which means pedestrian streets, coming up. You’ll notice that certain areas get cordoned off to vehicles to give more space for other activities. These include pop-up cafe’s called uteservering, which translates to outdoor seating, and loppis, which is Swedish for flea markets. You get the chance to experience Swedish culture without having to go too far from your hotel if you’re staying within major cities.

Top 5 Places to Visit in Sweden During Summer

Depending on the type of Sweden summer holiday experience you’re going for, Sweden offers several sites and activities to keep travellers well occupied. Browse through the list below to find some of the top places for tourist sites, gastronomic exploits, nature trails and even off the beaten track adventures.

1. Abisko and Kebnekaise

If the midnight sun fascinates you, then travelling to Sweden’s highest mountain, Kebnekaise, guarantees that you get unobscured views of the spectacle at midnight. There are also hiking trails at Abisko which you can traverse while away the day. Just ensure you have hiking boots in case you come across muddy places.

Kebnekaise Sweden

2. Various Activities at Kiruna

From trips to the world’s largest underground iron ore mine to gold panning for keeps and even feeding reindeer, Kiruna comes packed with summer activities for solo travellers or those with family members of all ages in tow.

Kiruna Sweden

3. Stockholm Bike Travels

Forego public transport and hiring a vehicle to try out electric steps and bikes instead. These enable you to travel through more of Stockholm, thanks to the city’s bike lanes. You have the option to either join a bike tour or hire one and go it alone. Start your tour at Gamla Stan, where Stockholm was founded, before riding out to Djurgården. There, you can tour the Nordiska Museum and the Vasa Museum for a history lesson into Sweden’s culture.

Stockholm Bike Travels

4. Drottningholm Palace Boat Tour

Book a boat tour across Lake Mälaren to the Drottningholm Palace. Built in the 1600s, the palace has been well-preserved over the years, since it serves as the Swedish royals’ private residence. It’s currently protected by the Swedish Military, although certain parts are still open for public tours.

Drottningholm Palace Boat Tour

5. Jukkasjärvi’s Ice Hotel

Summer temperatures in Sweden may be high, but that doesn’t stop the Ice Hotel from standing tall. Thanks to the 24-hour sunshine, the hotel’s solar panels get enough power to keep the hotel nice and cool. Apart from booking a stay in the cold and warm rooms, the Thorne River offers several fun activities for visitors. You can go fishing, river rafting, or even try your hand at ice sculpting.

Jukkasjärvi's Ice Hotel in Sweden

6. The Stendörren Nature Reserve

Leave the city behind and head over to the Stendörren Nature Reserve. Located just an hour from Stockholm, in Sörmland, you will find yourself surrounded by clean water on every side. Depending on whether you’d like to tour on foot or by boat, there are two separate sections to visit. For those looking to trek, the suspension bridges will guide your way.

The Stendörren Nature Reserve

For those on boats, you can access the fishing port of Aspnäset with ease. You can also do a bit of barbecuing while you enjoy the sites. The reserve has unique fire pits spread throughout for those who’d like to do some outdoor cooking.

After Graduating From Gothenburg  University, I wanted to pursue a career in Business. However, I later switched to writing, and from that point forward, I reliably report Swedish and European News, which are for the most part connected with Business.

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