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Días festivos en Colombia 2022



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Here’s everything you want to know about ‘festivos colombia’ along with the complete list of holidays and observances in Colombia in 2022.

Festivos Colombia 2022: Holidays and Observances in 2022

Different parts of the world can have different numbers of holidays based on traditional, social, and cultural factors. In this article, we find out the total días festivos en colombia in 2022 as per the calendario colombia 2022. This article can help you plan specific dates and holidays for this year. People living in Colombia can take help of our complete monthly list of holidays and schedule their family time or celebrations. Read the complete article to know the total number of ‘festivos colombia’ in 2022.

Días Festivos en Colombia: A Complete List of Holidays

In 2022, there will be 15 public holidays (without Sundays) in Colombia. These days also include certain important events and celebrations that people across the country eagerly wait for every year. Now, check out the complete list of holidays in Colombia (festivos colombia 2022) and find when your favorite event is happening this year.

January Festivos Colombia 2022

This year there are two public holidays in January, which include New Year’s holiday and Three Kings Day. Here is some more information about these public holidays:

Three Kings Day

  • New Year (Saturday, January 1)
  • Three Kings Day (Monday, January 10)

Holidays in February

In February, there are no public holidays in Colombia (festivos colombia). After January 2022, the next public holiday will be in March 2022.

Monthly Holidays in March

March 2022 brings one public holiday in Colombia, which is:

Saint Joseph's Day

April Monthly Holidays

The month of April has two public holidays in Colombia or días festivos en colombia. Also, after January, April is the second month to have two public holidays. These holidays are consecutive.

  • Holy Thursday: (Friday, April 14)
  • Good Friday: (Friday, April 15)

Total Holidays in May

May 2022 in Colombia has two public holidays or ‘festivos colombia,’ which are on the following dates:

Public Holidays in June

Again, the month of June has two public holidays, which are as follows:

  • Corpus Christi: On Monday, June 20, 2022
  • Sacred Heart: On Monday, June 27, 2022

July Holidays

There are two public holidays in Colombia (días festivos en colombia) in the month of July, out of which one is the day which the whole country celebrates in unity. Check below the dates when you can expect a public holiday in July in Colombia.

  • San Pedro and San Pablo: On Monday, July 4
  • Independence Day: On Wednesday, July 20

August Public Holidays

The month of August has two public holidays, which are on the following dates:

September 2022 Holidays

Similar to February 2022, September also has no public holidays in Colombia (festivos colombia 2022). After August, you can expect public holidays in the month of October.

Holidays in October 2022

In 2022, there is only one public holiday in Colombia, which is on the following date:

November 2022 Holidays

In November 2022, Colombia has two public holidays (días festivos en colombia) on the following dates:

Independence of Cartagena

Public Holidays in December 2022

The last month of the year, December has two public holidays in Colombia on the following dates:

  • Day of the Immaculate Conception: On Thursday, December 8
  • Christmas: On Sunday, December 25

Festivos Colombia 2022 : List of Observances

Observances are usually the days when an event took place, or an institution was founded a year before. It may also refer to the celebration or commemoration of that particular event. Here, we are listing some important observances that you can expect in Colombia in 2022, according to calendario colombia 2022.

Observances in January

The month of January in 2022 has only one observance day in Colombia on the following date:


  • Epiphany: On Thursday, January 6

February Observances

February 2022 has no observance day in Colombia.

March 2022 Observances

March 2022 has two observances and one seasonal holiday in Colombia. Here are these important dates:

  • Women’s Day: On Tuesday, March 8
  • Saint Joseph’s Day: On Saturday, March 19
  • March Equinox: On Sunday, March 20

Total Observances in April

The month of April brings a total of six observances in Colombia. Here are the important dates of these ‘festivos colombia 2022’:

  • Palm Sunday: On Sunday, April 10
  • Easter Sunday: On Sunday, April 17
  • Language Day: On Saturday, April 23
  • Secretaries’ Day: On Tuesday, April 26
  • Day of Trees: On Friday, April 29
  • Children’s Day: On Saturday, April 30

May 2022 Public Observances

May 2022 has two observances in Colombia on the following dates:

  • Mother’s Day: On Sunday, May 8
  • Teacher’s Day: On Sunday, May 15

List of Observances in June

In Colombia, June 2022 has three observances and one season on the following dates:

  • Corpus Christi: On Thursday, June 16
  • Father’s Day: On Sunday, June 19
  • June Solstice: On Tuesday, June 21

July 2022 Observances

July 2022 has no observances or días festivos en colombia.

August 2022

Similar to July, the month of August also does not contain any observance or días festivos en colombia.

Observances in September

There is one season and one observance in September 2022 in Colombia, which are on the following dates:

  • Valentine’s Day: On Saturday, September 17
  • September Equinox: On Thursday, September 22

Monthly Observances in October

Two observances (festivos colombia 2022) will happen in the month of October in Colombia on the following dates:

  • Columbus Day: On Wednesday, October 12
  • Halloween: On Monday, October 31st

November Observances 2022

In Colombia, the following three observances will occur in November 2022:

  • All Saint’s Day: On Tuesday, November 1
  • Independence of Cartagena: On Friday, November 11
  • Colombian Women’s Day: On Monday, November 14

December Monthly Observances

December 2022 has three observances and one season in Colombia. Here is the list of those events with dates:

  • Eve of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception: On Wednesday, December 7
  • December Solstice: On Wednesday, December 21
  • Christmas Eve: On Saturday, December 24
  • New Year’s Eve: On Saturday, December 31

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