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German Colors- Names of Colors In German



German Color flag

Learning the German language can be difficult, but it is not much difficult when you understand it with the meaning behind the word and with utmost interest. This is a precise guide in which you will learn the colours name in the German language and will remember them for a long time.

German colors will help you to symbolize things easily. Instead of learning the names of every object and product, you can use the names of German Colours to describe anything or to point at something. In this guide, you will learn all the common and basic colors in German and some tips that you can use to refer to them.

What are the German names of basic colors?

When it comes to common colors, most of them are similar to the English language and you will not find them difficult to remember. For example, the grau colour is actually grey. You might want to know what color is Schwarz as this word is not similar to any English word. Here is a short list of the most common and basic colors and their names in German

English Name

German Name
Black Schwarz
Red Rot
Green Grün
Orange Orange
Violet Violett
Purple Purpur
White Weiß
Grey Grau
Gold Gold
Blue Blau
Yellow Gelb
Pink Rosa
Brown Braun


How to refer to light and dark colors

It is very common in English to use the terms light and dark with every color to make it more specific. In the German language, you can use this similar tip. Light in german is called “hell” and dark is called “dunkel”. The only difference in referring to these colors in German and English is that in German there is no space between the two words, unlike in English. If you want to say dark blue, then you will say it like “dunkelblau”.

Just learn the basic and primary colors and their association with dark and light so that you can also use them to refer to the other colors that you have not learned the name of yet.

Cultural facts attached with the name of the colors

In every culture, there is a different interpretation of colors and they are associated with various elements, feelings, and ideas. Here are some of the unique fun facts about some basic colors.

pencil color

Rot – Red

Rot color is associated with rage and threads. In German, it is attached to danger, action, energy, and passion. Apart from this, it is also attached to love and emotions that people show to each other.

Blau – Blue

In German, blue is referred to as being drunk. German people use the term “Blau Machen” translated to “making blue” in English meaning taking the entire day off because of a hangover.

Grun – Grey

Internationally, green is associated with nature, success, growth, health, purity, and freshness. There is one german idiom, “Auf einen grünen Zweig kommen” which means reaching towards a goal or towards something that is peaceful and safe. The Germans really like it when all the things are working smoothly and in a perfect manner. For this, they use the phrase “Alles im grünen Bereich” which means everything is perfect and normal.

Gelb – Yellow

The color yellow shows being full of energy, optimism, joy, emotions, confidence, and cheer. This also shows why most of the emojis are yellow in color as it radiates the vibes of imagination, creativity, and mental activity. The Germans associate Gelb color to show that they are feeling envious.

Rosa – Pink

Rosa across the world is associated with a color of optimism and love. Pink is also a gendered target color and people use it to refer to women. It shows innocence, sweetness, and hope. The German term uses the phrase, “Durch die rosa Brille schauen” which means looking through the pink glasses. This phrase means to only look towards the things that are pleasant and ignore all those things that are not.

All these colors, their German translation, and connection shows how different languages have a different connection with colors and lifestyle. You can see that similar colors will have different phrases in other languages, and they would be predicting different emotions and thoughts.

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