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How to Add Friends On PUBG? [Complete Guide]



How to add friends on Pubg

Are you one of those people who just started to play PUBG and are not sure how to add friends on PUBG? Worry not! We have just the right information for you in our guide. PUBG is a fun game to play but it is even more exciting when you have friends to play with. However, it can be troublesome if you are new and can not find a way to play with your friends. That is exactly why we are here: to help you play PUBG to its full potential with your friends.

Players Unkown Battle Ground, commonly known as PUBG, is a simple deathmatch set in a vast open area with cars, goods, and gear scattered about at random. It’s a game in which you jump on a map with 100 other players and must hunt down other players with realistic guns to be the last one remaining. The game is not very violent as when you shoot someone, only some blood spatters and bullet holes appear. Moreover, there is also an option to turn off the blood if it bothers someone.

The game, PUBG, was officially released on 23rd March 2017. The mobile version came out a year later. Since then, the game has been gaining popularity constantly. With a few exceptions, the mobile version of PUBG offers nearly all of the same functionality as the PC version. The game is completely free to play. To play, you can log in as a guest or with Facebook. Your account will gain experience and battle points as a result of gameplay and daily login incentives, which may be spent on crates containing a random item of clothing for your character. The PC edition, on the other hand, does not give you any apparel at the start.

Why Should One Play PUBG With Friends?

In PUBG, there are two ways you can play the game in. One is solo and the other is the squad. If you go solo, then technically, you are up against 99 other players. This makes the game very difficult to win. Even though you do not necessarily have to defeat each of the 99 players, there are still more players to beat than in the squad version. While you play the squad challenge, you need a team of 5 players. This is where you must know how to add friends on PUBG.

Playing with friends is undoubtedly the better way to play. The most attractive point of PUBG is playing with friends. Fighting together in the battlegrounds is also a good method to strengthen friendships. With the clans and crews options, PUBG gives us a platform to meet new people and be more social. The most essential thing is that we’re all connected through this locked-down game. One can have a great time there, making fun of each other and calling each other names like noobs, pro, and so on.

Gamers can interact with other gamers in their nearby surroundings or form teams with players from all over the world. A substantial percentage of young people who play multiplayer games form strong bonds with persons they meet online. According to studies, playing video games with others might be a terrific method to foster and strengthen friendships. This includes violent games, such as PUBG. In the game, players may be fighting one other, but as they work together and share the experience, they form friendships. When they go out and interact with people in the real world, these social skills come in handy. These are just a few of the numerous advantages of playing with friends.

How to Add Friends on PUBG?

PUBG is an exciting game that becomes even more exciting and fun when you play with friends. Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of playing PUBG with friends, you’re probably asking how to add friends to PUBG. There are a lot of ways to add friends on  PUBG. The methods differ for almost every version. There is a difference between the mobile version of PUBG and the PC version of it. The Mobile version has more game modes than the PC version. Moreover, PUBG Mobile is a free game to download, but PUBG PC is a commercial game that you must purchase through a digital distribution provider. When compared to PUBG Mobile, PUBG PC features greater graphics and visuals.  Let us tell you all the ways by which you can add friends in PUBG.

How to Add Friends on PUBG Mobile Version?

One of the best MMO mobile games is PUBG Mobile. Because it is free to play, it attracts even more players. The game has received over one billion downloads. More players mean more chances to make new friends. Adding friends in PUBG Mobile is a breeze. All you have to do is simply follow the instructions given below.

  1. Download all contents of the PUBG mobile. PUBG is a huge game and takes a lot of space. Even after you have installed the game on the play store, some background data is still downloading. If that data is not completely downloaded, it can create issues for you. Moreover, you might even encounter some bugs because of it.
  2. Open the PUBG mobile app and wait till everything loads. Make sure you have a strong internet connection.
  3. Touch the friend icon. If you already have friends from Facebook or Google, you will see your friends’ profiles. Tap on that and a friends tab will open.

    How to add friends on Pubg

    Press Friends Icon

  4. Now that the tab is open. Look at the top. You will see an “Add Friends” option. Click it and a new page will open.

    How to add friends on Pubg

    Tap “Add Friends”

  5. Now enter the player’s username, language, and country. Your friend will show up.

    How to add friends on Pubg

    Friends menu

  6. Finally, press the add friend icon and your request is sent.
  7. Wait till your friend accepts the request and enjoy playing!

If you want to add someone with whom you have randomly played a match then go to recent in the friend’s tab and send the request. Hopefully, this was helpful to you. Have fun playing with your friends!

How to Invite Friends in PUBG Mobile?

You must first invite your friends to your party from the lobby if you want to play a Duo or Squad battle!

  1. Tap on PUBG Mobile from your home screen to launch the app.
  2. A Friends list will appear on the right side of your screen. Your pals will appear if you tap that.
  3. Tap + next to the friend(s) you’d like to play with.


  1. Open the Friends list
  2. At the bottom of the list, you will see an “Invite Friends” option. Tap it.

    How to add friends on Pubg

    Invite friends

  3. Now a pop-up will appear. All you have to do is click create friends and enter your friend’s name or ID code.

    How to add friends on Pubg

    Play with friends

  4. Have fun playing with your friends!

How to Add Friends on PUBG PC?

Adding buddies to the PUBG PC edition is very simple. However, in order to add your friends to PUBG PC, they must have a Steam account or you must know their PUBG username. It’s a fairly basic technique that’s very similar to the smartphone version. Just make sure you follow the instructions that are given below.

  1. To begin, open the game and select the + icon in the bottom right corner.
  2. There will be a pop-up menu.
  3. This menu will display the names of all of your Steam friends who are currently playing PUBG. A + icon will display beside their name if they are not playing. All you have to do is click on the + icon to invite them.
  4. If your friend isn’t on steam, ask for their PUBG in-game name. Then, use the search option in the box to type in their name and invite them.
  5. After you have all arrived in the same lobby, choose the game mode you want to play with. There are many game modes to choose from such as Duo, 3-man Squad, or Squad, and a game style, such as TPP (Third Person) or FPP (First Person).

How to Make Friends on PUBG?

How to add friends on Pubg

Players Unknown Battle Ground

In PUBG, creating friends is similar to making friends in real life. All you need are decent communication and playing skills to get started. The better player you are, the more friends you’ll make and the more well-known you’ll become. Unless you are a girl, it is evident that few individuals would want to be buddies with a player who isn’t very good at playing. PUBG is a game that requires a high level of expertise. As a result, if you want to make friends, you must sharpen your skills and train to be a professional player. Then you can build a stronger bond with them and become best friends for life (BFF).

However, if you are a new player and want to make friends, you must demonstrate your potential. This will prove to them that you are a capable player who can assist them if you play with them. You may think they’re being mean, but PUBG is a game that a lot of people take seriously. Winning in PUBG is a source of pride for many players, and losing can be extremely humiliating. Before you can become a friend, you must first comprehend their emotions. PUBG is not a relaxing game to play while listening to music. So, stay serious and play well.

You’re having trouble becoming a pro since you don’t have any good teammates? It’s all right! In PUBG, there are many different types of players. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a kind and professional PUBG player willing to carry and guide you through the game. You can ask players to assist you in the chatbox. We are confident that you will find someone to assist you in moving up the league ladder.

How to See Friend Requests in PUBG Mobile?

If you succeed in impressing other players with your KDA ratio and skills, you are going to receive a lot of friend requests. Now you must be wondering how will you know whether someone wants to be your friend and has sent you a request. This is very simple. When someone sends you a friend request in PUBG Mobile, you will get a notification. If your mobile notification is on, you may see it on your cell phone’s notification panel. However, if your notifications for PUBG are turned off, you can always open the game and check the friend requests. All you have to do is open the Friend list again and you will see a bell icon. The bell icon only appears when someone sends you a friend request. It will have a redpoint on it. Tap the bell and you will be able to see all the friend requests other players have sent to you.

Is it Possible to Send a PUBG Friend Request on Cross-Platform?

PUBG crossplay is only accessible between XBOX One and PS4. Despite the fact that many gamers wish to team up and play with their friends across platforms, this option has yet to be implemented. Furthermore, the chances of a PUBG console and PC crossover are nearly none. This is due to the fact that, if a crossover is ever established, PC players will have a significant edge over console players for a variety of reasons. PUBG PC and PUBG consoles use separate servers and each has distinct game versions or modes. Moreover, updates are also done at different times.

Because of the most recent update, a new PUBG friends list is now available on the PS4 and XBOX One consoles. On either system, you can look for players. In addition to having your PSN or XBL friends added, you can now add friends regardless of which console you use.

To add them to your PUBG Friends list, click on their name and their profile will open. Now, in their profile, select the “Follow.” option.  You can also see a list of all the players you’ve recently played with and then click the “+” icon to add them as friends. Furthermore, there is also an option to see those on your current team.


Hopefully, now you know how to add friends on PUBG on different platforms. This guide covered everything a new player must know about playing with friends. Good luck with the battle, soldier!

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