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How to Sync a Roku Remote: Complete Roku Guide



How to Sync a Roku Remote

So you plan for the weekend to watch the upcoming season on Roku. But all of a sudden, your remote isn’t pairing up with the device. Alas, you have to cancel out all the plans and go to the technician first. No need to cancel out any plans whatsoever, because we have made a complete guide on Roku and how to sync a Roku remote. In this article, we will be telling you everything you need to know about Roku and its remote. Let’s get started!

What is a Roku Player and how does it work?

How to Sync a Roku Remote

Roku TV

Roku is a brand that offers a streaming player in the form of a streaming stick or box that enables users to stream various channels and content. In short, it turns a traditional TV into a smart TV. With it, you can enjoy several online services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Youtube.

It is a replacement for your TV cable with advanced facilities that only at an affordable manner. Roku players can help greatly in reducing your monthly expenses. It cuts the need of paying monthly fees like TV cables. It’s a one-time buy and you can watch any channel you want for free. But obviously, you will need to know how to sync a Roku remote first.

Why is Roku so popular?

Tv cable was once a really good source of streaming a few years back. However, it has decreased its importance at the moment. And smart TVs have become normal at every other home in the U.S. Roku has gained popularity in the smart TV’s option due to its extremely low cost. It is a reasonable choice for those who want to quit TV cables and move on to the smart TV option. Moreover, the facilities given by Roku at this cost have been another reason to make Roku popular all over the state. It has access to more than 1000 channels which beats the TV cable quite effectively.

How to use a Roku remote?

How to Sync a Roku Remote

Types of Roku remote

Roku remote comes with the player device, either a stick or box. To use the remote properly, you must have to know its features and types. Here is a little breakdown of the Roku remote.

Before we tell you how to sync a Roku remote, it is important to know what type of remote you have. This is because different types of remotes have different functions and ways to use. There are two types of Roku remotes in total. One is IR remote and the other is Enhanced remote. You may be searching about IR remote but the article is about the enhanced remote. This can cause confusion and create difficulty for you. Here is everything you need to know about Roku remotes. B0th types of Roku remotes can sync with the TV.

IR remote

This remote sends the signal only when there is nothing in between blocking the path. It has a tiny light bulb in front just like typical TV remotes. This light must pass to the Roku player for the remote to function properly. So you have to point directly towards the player device. Also, there is no pairing button on this remote.

Enhanced remote

Enhanced remote, as the name implies, obviously has enhanced features. You can point anywhere with this remote as it doesn’t require a direct sight. The remote can send signals irrespective of its position to the player device. Moreover, it has a pairing button, a microphone button, and a headphone jack.

How to sync a Roku remote?

Roku remotes are usually connected to the device already when you take it out of the box. However, if for some reason it is not syncing for you, we have got your back. Here is complete detail on how to sync a Roku remote easily without any hustle and bustle. There are three ways you can sync a Roku remote. First by doing it manually and the second way is using a mobile app. Let’s discuss each of them one by one and ease all your worries. Lastly, we will tell you a way to sync your remote without the pairing button.

Syncing a Roku Remote Manually

How to Sync a Roku Remote

The Roku pairing button is behind the remote.

With this method, you can manually pair the Roku remote to the player. For this, you’ll need fresh batteries, a remote, and a player device. Follow the steps mentioned below to pair the Roku remote manually.

  1. Plug the Roku device in the TV if it is not plugged in.
  2. Take care of any electric shock. Make sure that the cord is insulated. For further protection, you can also get your floor insulated.
  3. Meanwhile, insert some new batteries in the remote so that you don’t have to face any technical issues and can enjoy the TV on your weekend.
  4. Turn on the Roku player device from the power source. The power light will indicate that the Roku is powered on.
  5. Change your TV setting to HDMI input. To do this, you can press the home button from the TV’s remote.
  6. Select HDMI.
  7. Remove the cover of the battery compartment on the back of the remote. The pairing button is located near the battery compartment. You can view it if you remove the cover.
  8. Now push the pairing button on the Roku remote and it will get connected to the TV. E
  9. Finally, enjoy your favorite season.

How to sync a Roku remote via mobile app

How to Sync a Roku Remote

The Roku mobile app has many options

You can also pair a Roku remote through a mobile app instead of manually connecting it. Otherwise, if connecting manually is bothering you, we have another way for you! You can download the Roku app to sync the remote. They have their apps available on both Android and iOS. If you’re an Android user, then download it from the play store. And if you’re an Apple user, download it from the play store. You can make all the controls through this mobile app.

How to sync a Roku remote without a pairing button

Some Roku remotes come without a pairing button in the remote. There is no button in the battery compartment of the remote. So if you need to pair such a remote, follow these steps:

  1. Insert batteries in the remote. Turn on the Roku player device from the power source.
  2. Plug the Roku device in the TV if it is not plugged in.
  3. Change your TV setting to HDMI input. Press the home button from the TV’s remote and select HDMI.
  4. Place the remote near the Roku player device. It will automatically get connected to it. Or use a mobile app to connect it.

Hopefully, one of the methods will work for you. Now lay back on your couch and have fun watching shows on Roku.


Here are some of the most and frequently asked questions you may want to know the answer to. Once you sync your Roku remote, there are other things you might want to know.

Can I watch local channels on Roku TV?

Yes, you can watch local channels like Fox, ABC, CBS, and BBC on Roku Tv. In fact, you can watch them for free without giving a TV cable monthly fee. However, you’ll need to connect your Roku device to the antenna. Use an easy-to-use antenna to save yourself from getting into any havoc. You can even watch live weather forecasts and live sports channels.

Is Netflix free on Roku?

Downloading Netflix is free on Roku. The remote also has a button ‘Netflix’. When you press it, the Netflix home screen shows on the screen. But you have to obviously get a subscription to watch Netflix on Roku. Also, you’ll have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee, depending on your subscription.

Roku TV Shows to Watch After Syncing Remote

How to Sync a Roku Remote

You can watch shows from many platforms on Roku

Now that you know how to sync a Roku remote, it is time to watch some amazing shows! Roku used to collaborate with Netflix only, but now it also gives you the chance to watch paid content free from all over the internet. You can watch different tv shows from Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, Disney plus, and many other sites by connecting Roku to tv. Here are the top 4 most searched TV shows on Roku.

Never have I ever (season 2)

The first one on the list is the most popular teen drama and comedy ‘Never have I ever’ on Netflix. It is one of the most-watched series of the year. Now it’s season 2 is also a blockbuster! In this season, the Indian-American teen Devi just wants her social life to get sorted. But things just don’t go easy for her. The melodrama at her home continues. The gossip with her friend about her love triangle has got everyone hooked. Everyone is curious to know whom Devi will choose. This show is not just coming of age as a comedy-drama but it also shows teen life and how sometimes school and social life can pressurize a teen. It is so relatable for the teens and hence is the most known and searched show on Roku.

Squid game

One of the sensational TV shows audiences have discovered after a long time. It is a South Korean drama having nine dramatic episodes. It is a survival story of 456 people invited to a risky and mysterious game. The 456 people have risked their lives for a 45.6 billion prize. This series is full of mystery and the audience is really liking the suspenseful episodes. It is going to break records. Squid games have become the most searched series in a very short time. Many surprise endings are waiting for us. If you like movies like hunger games, you have to watch this show!

The white lotus

The satire and anthology series of HBO ‘The white lotus’ has become very prominent among people. The comedy of the series is everything we needed at the moment. The adventures and voyage of employees and visitors at the resort make the show interesting. The plot twists of the show and comedy at the same time are making a unique and outstanding combination. The relatable story for employees in chaos is exceptional. Not only the storyline but also the cast is remarkable. It is also being searched on the Roku Tv.


The next one on our list is Sex/life. The sensual and alluring love triangle in this hot tv show has made it a hit all around the globe. The suburban wife and mother present get a concussion from her child’s past life. There is a titillating love triangle between the wife’s past and her husband. The suspense and luscious story have made the whole 8 episodes enjoyable. This show became so much popular when it was released. It was watched by millions of people. This show is remarkable and powerful. It literally represents women’s empowerment.

Money Heist ( Season 5)

After you learn how to sync your Roku remote you have t watch Money Heist. The world’s most popular Tv show has released its 5th season and it is being followed by people. It is a show in Spanish that portrays a few robbers planning to rob the royal mint in Spain. This all is being planned by the mastermind known as ‘Professor. He gathers a few robbers and makes a plan and trains them to do a heist. The world’s biggest heist. The battle between the organization and the group of robbers managed by the professor is mesmerizing.

This thriller Netflix show has got us all amazed in the first four seasons. The action is to die for! Now we all were curious to know what will happen next. What will the professor’s next plan be? Will they have a victory? This is all we’re answered in season 5 of money heist, also known as La Casa de Papel.


The weekend is on its way. And we know you have to take a break and watch your favorite episode this week. So, gear up yourself and prepare to binge-watch your favorite shows. Because now you have no excuse for an unfixed remote as we have made things easier for you. We hope now you know how to sync a Roku remote, and can perform it without making much effort.

This was everything you need to know about a Roku remote. There are two ways to sync a Roku remote, manually and using an app. Plus, do not forget to check what type of remote you are having. Is it IR or Enhanced? We hope we were able to clear all your doubts and problems. If by any chance none of the options work for you, we recommend you contact a technician. Sometimes, there is a bigger fault that stops you from syncing your remote in that case it is better to contact the help center or a technician. You can also watch these amazing shows that we have provided here on the list. Have fun and enjoy!

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