Interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II and what happens now as she has died?



The Queen of the United Kingdom successfully completed her reign of 70 years. This is the longest British monarch in history. She started ruling the country from the age of 25. Take a look at some of the very interesting facts about her that a lot of people don’t know.

Interesting facts about Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at the age of 96. Here are some interesting facts about her which a lot of people don’t know.

1. Most traveled British monarch

Queen Elizabeth II is the only person that has visited more than 120 countries located on six different continents while being a British monarch.

2. She got her education at home

Queen Elizabeth II got her entire education at home with her only sister Princess Margaret. Both sisters study all about history, literature, music, and language. Their entire education was based at home under the supervision of their mother, along with the governess, Marion Crawford.

3. Queen does not need a driving license

In the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth is the only person who does not need a driving license to drive on the roads. She used to drive anywhere she wanted.

4. Volunteered as a truck driver during WWII

Queen also volunteered as a truck driver and mechanic during World War II. This act of hers made her the first person in the royal family who serve in the military.

5. Queen sat for 200 official portraits

Queen Elizabeth sat for more than 200 official self-portraits in her entire life. She posed for her first self-portrait when she was only seven years old.

What will happen now as Queen Elizabeth II has died?

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth will be on the 19th of September. Everything about the death of the royal person is pre-planned. The ceremonies that will take place have been in planning for decades. Now, there will be a formal series of ceremonies that are done after the King or a Queen of a country passes away.

Who becomes the new king or queen after Queen Elizabeth II?

In the Royal family, the succession is instant. The time when the heart of one person stops beating, the second person in line automatically takes over. Now Charles is already the King of the UK as he was the person next in line.

Currently, the palace will be taking 9 days to plan and complete the process of choreographed events. This will include the recall of the parliament houses present in Britain. Charles will be doing a complete tour of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. He will be addressing every state as a king.

Which ceremonies are going to take at the funeral?

On the death of any royal family member, a lot of ceremonies take place. The ceremony will be held in Westminster Abbey, where normally the seating is for 2,200 people. As it is a Queen’s coronation, delegates and leaders from all over the world are invited. For this reason, accommodation will be made for 8,000 people. The celebration will last for nine days. The Queen has died in Balmoral, so first, the ceremony will include the Scottish traditions. The coffin will further move to Edinburgh palace. From there, it will reach Royal Mile and St Gile’s.

At St.Giles cathedral, a church service will be held before the coffin is sent to London for the final stages of ceremonies. Once the coffin reaches Buckingham Palace, a military guard of honor will stand in the throne room right next to the coffin. After these ceremonies, the coffin will move from here to Westminster Hall, where it will be kept for four days.

Funeral ceremonies

The funeral will be done exactly after nine days after her demise. It will be a massive occasion where people from not only Europe but people from all over the world will visit. It will be a world media with people keeping a firm eye on the Livestream of the occasion.

On the main event day, the coffin is kept on the gun carriage. This is the same coffin that was used for Queen Elizabeth’s father, her grandfather, and her great-grandfather. Junior sailors that belong to the Royal Army will pull the coffin. This tradition in the British royal family started from the funeral of Queen Victoria occurred in 1901.

Charles is automatically the new King, but he will not be crowned for some time. As per the rumors and knowledge, he will be crowned sometime in early 2023. Once the funeral ceremonies are completed, then the plan for the crowning of Charles will start.


Who will be queen after Queen Elizabeth II passes away?

The next in line after queen Elizabeth II is Prince Charles. In the upcoming months, Charles will be crowned as the King.

Where did Queen Elizabeth II die?

She died peacefully at the Balmoral Castle located in the Scottish highlands.

Where can I watch Queen Elizabeth’s funeral?

The live streaming is available at Paramount+ CBS. The entire ceremony will be live till the end.

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