Kim Weeks, Charles Bronson’s Wife: Where Is She Now?



Kim Weeks is a skincare expert and a popular American actress. The primary reason for her fame is being the wife of the late actor Charles Bronson. She remained married to Charles Bronson for five years, and then Charles Bronson died.

Now, she is famous as an American actress and a well-known skin care specialist. Undoubtedly, Charles Bronson was a legend in acting, which was an excellent reason for his fame.

Kim Weeks autobiography

Many years have passed since Charles Bronson died back in 2003. As their marriage lasted for almost five years, it is only natural to wonder what she might be doing right now in her life. In this article, we will walk you through her life of Kim so you can know what she is doing now! Let’s have a look into this wiki about her.

Her full name is Kim Micheal Weeks, and she has American nationality; her ethnicity is caucasian. She spent the early years of her life in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The teenage years of her life were spent in the states.

Age 62 years old
Spouse Charles Bronson (1921-2003)
Lucky number 10
Nationality American
Eye and hair color Brown
Zodiac Capricorn
Children none

Kim Weeks early life

Kim was born on 16 May 1962 in Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. Her father was in the US Army. Her father was a fruit inspector, and there is no information about her mother.

She is the family’s only daughter and has enjoyed the limelight since the beginning.

What is Kim Weeks doing currently in her life?

Kim was able to move on after her husband’s death, and she has started her new life. She then transitioned to a new woman and founded a visor company called EquiVisor in LA.

On her website, she wrote that she started this company to solve the issue of the chronic sunburn that she used to face every time she went out riding. She further mentioned on her website that she was on the saddle at least six days in one week. This was when she used to get chronic sunburn, so she started this sun protection visor company.

She had a significant cause for starting this company because she shared with her audience that her father and grandfather also had to face a lot of health issues in their life due to exposure to sunlight. Currently, she is very active on social media and especially on Instagram. If you visit her Instagram, then you can see that she is sharing a lot of pictures of her current work that she is doing.

What is the net worth of Kim Weeks?

Charles Bronson left a lot of income for his wife Kim when he died. According to a report, Charles Bronson left 1.6 million USD in cash and a house worth 8 million USD.

Instead of all these, Kim was very disappointed when her late husband did not leave the $4.8 million house for her in Vermont. Kim was bitter about it because she did not get all the money that was legally hers.

About Kim Weeks’ husband: Charles Bronson

Kim was the third wife of Charles Bronson, and he was one of the greatest actors ever in the industry. Many people praised him because they had never seen work like his before.

Charles Bronson was in the acting field for more than five decades, which is why people believe he was legendary. He got many awards for his incredible acting career, and his work has always impressed people.

When Kim moved to LA

Kim spent most of the early years of her life in Florida, but then she decided to make a significant decision. She thought about pursuing a career in acting, so she moved to Los Angeles, California.

She knew that if she wanted to become a famous actor one day, she had to move to the Hollywood capital. In the beginning, she had to face a lot of problems; she started doing many odd jobs to keep surviving in Los Angeles.

Kim featured in many small commercials at the beginning of her career and indulged in a bit of modeling to keep surviving and excel in her career. All of her hard work paid off eventually, and then she got a job with a famous Hollywood agent Michael Viner.

The very first job that Kim started was as a secretary; this is how she began her career and got where she is in life. Getting this job as a secretary was a big success for her because she met many notable producers and actors through this job.

Soon she started getting roles in mainstream commercials and movies. The most famous film she has made include the following:

  • Family of Cops
  • Breach of Faith: A Family of Cops II
  • Family of Cops III: Under Suspicion

Kim’s husband’s career

Kim Weeks did not have a significant career in the acting industry. Most of her fame was only because of her husband; he was a legendary actor of all time and had a very successful acting career.

Her spouse, Charles, is well known for his work on the big screen. It was not easy for Charles Bronson because he also started with minor roles during the 50s. He used to get small parts in stage shows, TV shows, and movies.

Only in the late ’50s, he got a significant role in the ABC series Man with a camera. Charles Bronson gained fame in the late 60s when he worked in his film Magnificent Seven.

Charles Bronson was seen in many famous movies in the upcoming years, including:

  • Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Death Wish Series
  • The Mechanic
  • Hard Times
  • The Great Escape

There was a peak point in Charles Bronson’s life when he became the most expensive actor ever. He was charging 1 million dollars for a single film!

How did Charles meet Kim Weeks, and how they got into a relationship?

Kim met Charles Bronson for the first time while working as Michael Viner’s secretary. At that time, Charles was not single. He was married to the late actress Jill Ireland. As for Kim, she was visiting the set of a horror movie, The Sentinel, in 1977 with Micheal Viner. This was when Kim met Charles for the first time.

In his book The Tales I Never Told, Micheal Viner said that when Kim came to see Charles for the first time, she had eyes for him and knew that he was special. When Charles Bronson’s wife Jill died a few years later, both love birds started dating and did not wait! Michael’s book also said that Charles told him about Kim Weeks.

Charles told Michael that he thinks Kim is exceptional, and she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. In the book, it says:

“I think, at last, Michael, I’ve met someone I want to spend my life with, which I never thought I’d do after Jill died.”

Charles was not wrong because he spent the rest of his remaining life with her. They married by having an intimate ceremony on 22 December 1998.

Did they have any children together?

No, even after staying in a relationship for a long time, the couple did not bore any children of their own. When he married Kim, Charles Bronson was already the father of four children. He had two children with his first wife and two with his second wife.

When Charles Bronson was still married to Jill Ireland, he cared for the three children from Jill’s previous relationship. He had kids of his own, and all 7 of his children were living with their parents in a huge Mansion in Bel Air.

Charles Bronson’s death

Charles Bronson died in 2003. He got sick in the last years of his life and was not feeling well. Charles got hip surgery done in August 1998, when he left the acting industry because he was not in a state to work anymore.

He was not in the media’s spotlight for quite some time and knew where to be seen. After this silent period, he quietly died at the age of 81 in the year 2003. Charles passed away in Los Angeles, and the cause of his death was stated to be pneumonia and Alzheimer’s. However, it was stated on his death certificate that he had died due to respiratory failure and lung cancer.

It was an unfortunate ending to such a great actor indeed, and many people still praise the work that he has done in the industry.

Kim Weeks – ending points

Kim took time to overcome the loss of her husband. She made a huge and great comeback with this much success in doing something she loves. Currently, she is also working to bring out new products for her customers. Her business is growing because of the quality, but still, a lot of people think that the reason for her success is the popularity of Charles Bronson.

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