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Madden 16 Franchise Mode Tips Complete Guide 2024



Madden 16 Franchise Mode Tips

Is Madden 16 Franchise Mode confusing to you? If you are a football fan, you might have been playing Madden since your teenage. Now, with the upcoming of various Madden editions, it has become more fun and a little confusing at the same time due to its advancing specs. We have gathered some information and assembled it for you in this blog to make it easier in understanding the Franchise mode. In this guide, we will provide you with some Madden 16 Franchise mode tips and strategies so that you can excel in the game this season.

What is the Franchise Mode in Madden 16?

Before we jump into the guide and give you the tips you need to ace in your game, let us give you brief information on what is the Franchise mode. Madden 16 Franchise mode is one of the best modes in Madden 16. I am not even exaggerating. This mode has been introduced to attract more players to the game and it has helped a lot in catching players faster. You can choose to start an offline mode or an online career (Cloud) in the Madden 16 Franchise Mode. Online is way more beneficial than offline mode as it is faster and has more facilities. In the cloud feature, you can start a league and access it. Also, you can invite friends in your league or make it private with the online option. Offline is no less than the cloud mode. You can create offline characters and save them too.

Franchises are connected so that you get the chance to play with other online human players too. In this mode, you can either be a coach, owner, or player. A maximum of 32 avatars can be created per franchise, that also not necessarily by different individuals. But a single human player can create 32 avatars, and control the whole league himself. Or you may invite your friends to create avatars and play together.

Other Two Modes in Madden 16

Different modes give different feels and enjoyment to the game. Besides the Franchise mode, Madden 16 has two other modes that might interest you. One is Draft Champions and the other one is The Ultimate Team. These modes are also really fun. However, if we look at the features, advantages, and reviews from other players and experts, it is safe to say that Franchise Mode is the best one among these. This still does not mean that the other two modes are completely useless or boring. They are good in their own ways and are really fun to play too!

Draft Champions

Draft Champion is a free-to-play mode in Madden 16. It combines the thrill of a fantasy football draught with Madden NFL action on the field. This mode helps in selecting your team and upgrading it through a draft. Moreover, the players are picked and added to your team to throw them in the field. It has expert tools to access the players so you can choose the best one at the end. A single draft contains fifteen players per round. In this mode, you can either play solo or have real-time players as your opponents. It is quite similar to the Ultimate Mode but is relatively lighter than it. It is the best mode if you just want to play for fun and do not seek any real competition.

Ultimate Team

Ultimate Team Mode is inspired by the actual NFL game. It includes various moments that are faced by the real players in the NFL field. There are turning points in the game such as weather changes, distance, time of the day, stadium. Ultimate Team mode focuses more on your team-building skills. You can not go far in this mode if you neglect your team. You can also play solo challenges or head-to-head (H2H) games. The best thing about this mode is that they update you regularly throughout the year. Ultimate Team will always keep you up to date on what’s going on in the NFL today. You’ll find everything here, from spotlighting excellent performances from last week’s games to honoring notable figures.

What is different in Madden 16 Franchise mode?

Madden 16 has made considerable technical enhancements in the Franchise mode. Firstly, it is easier to start than the previous version. Without wasting your time on customization, you can move forward to the regular season. You can collect XP and confidence and use it to view the individual improvement of your team players.

There are advancements in the XP packages, scouting, and weekly goals. For example, you can create larger XP rewards by chaining weekly goals together. A free practice mode can be accessed easily from the plan screen. The free practice will help you in easier game prep. The mode has come with an improved home screen and advancements in it. The screen moves more smoothly than the previous version in play or free mode.

Madden 16 Franchise Mode Tips

Now that we know everything about the Franchise Mode that one needs to know, let us give you some amazing tips. This mode is very interesting and challenging. Hence, you will need to learn and understand some things before you play. Here are some Madden 16 Franchise mode tips to excel in Madden. Take advantage of these tips as much as you can. One may think that they already know everything but the truth is that there are many things that you may not know without actually looking up for it. Therefore, we are here to make your life easier and to turn you into a legendary Madden 16 champion.

Update the progression slider

Madden 16 Franchise mode tips


I am aware that a lot of you ignore your progression slider. However, it is very essential that you keep it up to date. In Franchise mode, it is necessary to collect all the awards you get. This will help you in the progression of the player in the game. Moreover, it is best for smooth gameplay.

You essentially must play with the cloud franchise mode in order to update the advancement sliders; otherwise, progression will never be truly fulfilling. Simply make sure you win EVERY award and keep an eye on individual goals to see who is closest to the conclusion of the season so you know who to feed.

Do Not Confuse Real-Life Players With Madden Players

Madden 16 Franchise mode tips

Madden Player

This might be shocking for you but it is true. Usually, a player who has played well in the real-life season is definitely going to have a 90+ rating in madden. But in the franchise mode, things are different. How? Let me make it clear to you. In this mode, any player can be MVP by giving an extraordinary performance. However, he doesn’t get enough XP to change his rating. There is clearly a lot of difference between real players and Madden players. Make sure you do not confuse them to be the same and you will be good.

Watch the Season Carefully

If you want to become a professional, you will have to do your homework on Madden seasons. Putting on a closer look at the season will help you to excel at Madden 16 Franchise Mode. Do not only watch the overall award and rating. But keep in view the individual goals of each player. This will help you recognize the best player with more XP rewards at the end of the season.

Do Not Upgrade Consistency or Development Trait

It is a worthless trait for players and has no role in creating great players in the franchise model. Awareness and development traits are also of no value. The only exception to the dev characteristic would be if you obtain a 21-year-old HB who wins OPOY (Offensive Player Of the Year) and OROY (Offensive Rookie Of the Year) awards and intend to keep him around for a long time. However, even then it’s a risky move. On the other hand, the awareness trait can only help you in finding blocked assignments of the players, discovering the sidelines for catches, and picking up the force defender. But do not assist in the progression. These are just simulation stats and are of no use in particular. If you ask me, I would never waste anything on these traits.

Take Points at the End of the Halves

This tip will leave you speechless with how many wins it will get you. Do not score at the last 15 seconds or one minute but the last one or two seconds. It is better to take 3 points at this hour than more points when one minute is left. This will help you win more games than ever. Your win rate using this method is 90% which is enough to turn the entire game on your side.  Try it yourself, you will be shocked just like how I was when I first started playing Madden 16 Franchise mode.

Make Adjustments to Your Defense & Confuse the Opponent

Madden 16 Franchise mode tips

Defense technique

To play Madden and become a pro, one thing you must have is good mental skills. You need to have quick instincts that will let you adjust your defense in a split second. If you think your reaction time is a bit slow, keep on practicing. Be a mastermind and distract your opponent. Try to avoid standard defense and make such defense that your opponent must be unaware of. For example, you can try blitzing in man-to-man coverage. This won’t harm you until you have run options. Otherwise, it’s a risk. It is only valuable to trick the opponent by giving constant pressure and distracting him.

If you do not have a natural talent like this, you will have to learn and train your mind to pick up this skill. It may be hard but it is not impossible. Furthermore, it will help you a lot in this game. These types of skills can not be easily countered by other players.

Play with your friends

Madden 16 Franchise mode tips

Playing Madden 16 with friends

Even though Madden 16 is a very fun game to play, it can become boring sometimes. So here is another one of the best Madden 16 Franchise mode tips for you. Playing with real human players and especially your friends will make the game more exciting and fun. You can expect an intelligent draft, playoffs, and free agency. Moreover, you can join a party or facetime with your friends to play the game together and make your entertainment time the best. You must also be friendly and use good quotes to be nice to everyone.

Hold on the scouting

Scouting is basically decreasing the number of players that is effective for your team. Before scouting, keenly decide the needs of your team because it can build up the future of your team, either with a good prospect or a bad one. It is beneficial to hold on scouting until the end of the season as the scouting points do not vanish weekly. Before making any decision on giving off a player, have a closer look at his performance till the end of the season. It is beneficial to hold on scouting until the end of the season as the scouting points do not vanish weekly. Before making any decision on giving off a player, have a closer look at his performance till the end of the season. New Features in Madden 16 Franchise Mode

Madden 16 has come with several improvements and new features than previous versions. Let us explain a few of them.

Air supremacy

Madden 16 Franchise mode tips


In this feature, new AI and user mechanics are included, which enables the user to make catches at different points. The catching system is different than ever before. It includes three catch mechanics i.e. RAC, Possession Catch, and Aggressive Catch. The player has the option to throw the ball according to the position of the receiver. He can place the ball at the point keeping in mind the catch of the receiver. You may choose between high or low points, but or simply pass the ball smoothly. The timing between handoff and blocking is also improved in this mode. For roll-out plays in Quarterback Locomotion, press the R2 button.

Quarterback Changes

A new AI mechanic known as Behavior Coordinator is added in this edition. This feature enables the user to provide behavioral changes in different situations just like that exhibited by real-time players in the field. Each player has distinct traits and behaves accordingly in different situations. It creates a fun and interesting game when players react to different situations. Traits like awareness, offense, and situation management have also been changed.

“The problem with winter sports is that — follow me closely here — they generally take place in winter.”

Different characters

In the Franchise mode, you can be a coach, owner, and player. This new feature makes the game more interesting as anyone who gets bored can choose the Retire option and become a new character.

Penalties This feature is added to high demand by the public
Defense The tackling has become more realistic
Quick Adjustments You make the changes as you want accordingly


To give the game a more realistic perspective, penalties have been added in Madden 16. Although this feature is added to high demand by the public, it will be a pain for them. However, it will also make the game more exciting and realistic at the same time. While choosing a player, keep in mind that penalties are based on the real-time data of the NFL season. Never choose a player who has previously broken the rules and not shown discipline. Nonetheless, in-game strategies also have a role in penalties. If you break the rules in the game and expect no penalty depending on the player’s good behavior in real life, then you might be wrong. Encroachment and False start penalties are some of the newly updated penalties.


The defense system is also improved in Madden 1. New tactics are included in the game where you can apply such defense mechanisms based on the mind games. The tackling has become more realistic. This version is mostly all about adding a realistic approach to the game similar to the real-life season. You can tackle the opponent by applying physics-based mechanisms to the defense. Some of the examples include Play receiver and Organic gang tackles. With the Play Receiver option, you can play as a receiver yourself and throw the ball at you. Confusing? Let’s make it clear. You can choose a point where you want to throw the ball at. And once you click the throw button, you will automatically move towards that catching point and will be able to catch the ball.

Quick Adjustments

You can make quick adjustments without wasting much time in changing the settings. For example, adjustments in any defender can be made without switching yourself to the defender position. You can do this by clicking on the group, then choose individual adjustments, and make the changes you want accordingly.

Catching Mechanics in Madden 16

Madden 16 Franchise mode tips

Catching Mechanics

Knowing the catching mechanics will help you a lot. One of the best Madden 16 Franchise mode tips we can give you for Madden 16 is to learn these moves. There are three different catch mechanics introduced in the new features in Madden NFL 16. The types are RAC Catch, Possession Catch, and Aggressive Catch. Let us explain to you briefly how they work and how you can utilize them in your game.

RAC catch

RAC catch means ‘run after catch’. If you want to catch the ball at a long distance, then you can use this option. After throwing the ball, you can run right after it and try to catch the ball. This catch system is used when the defender is a few steps away and can grab the receiver from behind. However, keep in mind that use this option only when the field is free in front of you. To use this option, choose the receiver you want to throw the ball at. And then press the X button (displayed as a square) to make a ‘run after catch’ mechanic.

Possession catch

If you don’t want a huge hit, go for this option. For those players in the boundaries, possession catch is the right choice. Come across the midline and make this catch mechanic by pressing the X(square) button like that to make the RAC catch.

Aggressive Catch

When you want to throw a ball in traffic of players, an aggressive catch is the best to go for. It will help the receiver to fight for the ball with the defender, either physically or by using mind tactics. An aggressive catch is usually made at a high point when the defender is standing in front of the receiver. It is a fast catch and made higher to enable the receiver to save the ball from the defender. To use this catch mechanic, press Y(triangle).

Summing it up

We hope that our Madden 16 Franchise mode tips will help you to run a franchise effortlessly. We have made our effort to include all the possible details about this mode in Madden 16.

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