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15 Movies Like Crazy Stupid Love to Watch On Weekends



movies like crazy stupid love

As you have clicked this link you must be looking for more movies like crazy stupid love to watch and it’s totally understandable! Crazy, Stupid Love released in 2011 became a big hit film. The film has won four awards and has been nominated for a total of 22 awards. Crazy stupid love is a rom-com movie filled with eccentric humor and goofy romance.

Cal Weaver is a prosperous American citizen who lives in a gorgeous home with his lovely wife and two children. Until the day his wife Emily reveals her affair with Jacob and requests a divorce. Cal is ejected from his home and thrust into a life of sorrow. He gets addicted to drinking and clubs become his new home, where he meets a self-proclaimed player named Jacob Palmer. Jacob teaches Cal how to attract women. The light-hearted theme of the movie makes the audience ask for more movies similar to crazy stupid love. If you’re still reeling from this unforgettable film, we’ve compiled a list of 15 more movies like crazy stupid love just for you!

 500 days of summer (2009)

movies like crazy stupid love

500 Days Of Summer

Tom works at a greeting card company, where he meets Summer, the new assistant to his boss. Summer recognizes that their relationship isn’t working out after only a few dates. Summer does not believe in love or relationships; thus, she eventually gives up. Like in the movie Crazy Stupid Love, Tom gets miserable and hooked to drinking after their breakup before he proceeds on his quest for finding love and fixing his life.

 When We First Met (2018)

movies like crazy stupid love

When We First Met

After spending the evening with Avery, Tom is taken aback by the friend-zoning hug at the end of the night. Tom falls deeply in love with Avery as a result of their time together and wonders what went wrong. Three years later, Tom is given a fantastic opportunity to win back Avery by traveling back in time to the night they first met. This rom-com movie is great to watch if you loved Crazy Stupid Love with a sprinkle of fantasy.


 Bad Teacher (2011)

movies like crazy stupid love

Bad Teacher

Elizabeth, a gold-digging and lazy woman gets dumped by her wealthy fiancée leaving her with no choice but to continue her profession as a teacher. She has no interest in her job whatsoever and spends her time sleeping through most of the class. If you liked to see Cal’s reform after he became addicted to drinking and dating in Crazy Stupid Love, you will definitely like to see Elizabeth turning to a reformed teacher after all the twists and turns.


 The Change-Up (2011)

The Change-up

Davie is a middle-aged man with three children and a wonderful wife, just like Cal Weaver in the movie Crazy Stupid Love. While Mitch, Dave’s best buddy, is a womanizer in the same way that Cal’s pal Jacob Palmer is. The two best friends get envious of one another and yearn to be the other until their wish is finally granted and their souls are switched.

 Friends with Benefits (2011)

movies like crazy stupid love

Friends With Benefits

Jamie and Dylan become friends after Jamie helps Dylan to get a job at GQ. They, then, add sex to their platonic relationship, agreeing that they don’t need to be emotionally attached for it. Their relationship status changes constantly and eventually settles at one stage after a long time. Watch the movie to know what stage they settle at.

 This Is 40 (2012)

Movies like crazy stupid love

This is 40

Like Cal and Emily in Crazy Stupid Love, Pete and Debbie are a married couple with two children. Both couples have a strained relationship and frequently quarrel with each other. Apples do not fall far from the tree. Hence, the kids, like their parents, fight a lot with each other. This should be a great movie to watch if you enjoy a family drama with a mix of rom-com.

 Playing It Cool (2014)

movies like crazy stupid love

Playing it cool

Me, a screenwriter, like writing action movies, however, his boss has other plans for him. Despite his disinterest in romance and love, Me is compelled to write a rom-com by his agent. Because of his traumatic childhood, Me develops an aloof and distant demeanor. He finally finds his motivation to write a rom-com after falling in love with Her, unaware of the fact that she is already engaged.


 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

movies like crazy stupid love

10 things I hate about you

This movie became a great classical hit after its release in 1999. Kate, the female character, is a popular and attractive teen who decides to date after her snarky older sister does. If you enjoyed Hannah and Jacob’s narrative in Crazy Stupid Love, you’ll like watching Kat and Patrick’s feud turn into a romance that allows both of them to grow and redeem themselves. Many people got obsessed with this movie due to its compelling plot and couldn’t help but search for more movies like 10 Things I Hate About You.

 One Day (2011)

movies like crazy stupid love

One Day

If you liked to see Cal’s struggle for a love-filled life in Crazy Stupid Love, there is a chance you might like to watch this movie. Emma and Dexter agree to be just friends and meet each other on the 15th of July every year. Over a period of 18 years, they eventually realize that they have gotten closer than they had ever imagined.

 MILF (2018)

movies like crazy stupid love


The film follows three middle-aged friends who are determined to enjoy their vacations. To make the best out of their vacations, the trio starts dating younger men. If you are looking for movies that have some adult humor like Crazy Stupid Love, you will definitely enjoy this.

 The Lovebirds (2020)

The Lovebirds

If you like the stingy side of Cal and Emily’s relationship in Crazy Stupid Love, The Lovebirds is the one to watch. A couple, who argues on the smallest of matters, finally decides to break up when they unexpectedly get involved in a murder case. the couple works together to solve the case to clear their names and find ways to survive, all while strengthening their relationship.

 Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

movies like crazy stupid love

Crazy Rich Asians

Rachel Chu and Nick Young are deeply in love with each other. However, Rachel is unaware of the fact that Nick is not just an ordinary businessman but is a member of Singapore’s richest family. Asian or not, you must have heard about an Asian mother’s resentment against their child’s love interest. Naturally, Nick’s mother is not a big fan of Rachel and tries various methods for Nick to give up on Rachel. Crazy Rich Asians follow the journey of Rachel Chu in winning the heart of his lover’s family and proving her worth. If you are in for a light-hearted comedy and few laughs, this is highly recommended for you.

 Holidate (2020)

movies like crazy stupid love


Sloane and Jackson agree to be each other’s dates in order to avoid problems in their lives caused by their dating difficulties. Little did they know that they would soon be catching feelings for each other. If you want to experience the sweetness of a budding romance, this film is perfect for you.

 When Harry Met Sally (1989)

movies like crazy stupid love

When Harry Met Sally

The movie, When Harry Met Sally is one of the most popular rom-com of its time and has inspired many other rom-com movies which includes Crazy Stupid Love. The movie includes witty banters and eccentric humor very similar to that in Crazy Stupid Love. When two friends reunite by coincidence after a five-year separation, they eventually realize their increasing affections for one another.

 La La Land (2016)

movies like crazy stupid love

La La Land

After 5 years, the actors of Crazy Stupid Love finally get another chance to work together once again in the musical romance film, La La Land. The nostalgia of seeing the two actors together hits every fan of Crazy Stupid Love right in the feels. If you are one of those hard-core fans, this is a must-watch film for you.

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