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Do you have a void in your life after finishing your favorite movie of all time? Relax and get back on your couch because we have just the perfect films for you! These rom-com movies like John Tucker Must Die will make you giggle and cry with their hilarious scenes and lovely moments. It’s no surprise that you’ve come seeking more. JTMD is just the kind of film that makes you want to see more. For teen girls, the film is amusing and highly relatable. It accurately represents how most teenage girls feel for a guy at one point in their lives, yet do nothing about it. This film, on the other hand, fulfills every girl’s fantasy of having a crush.

John Tucker Must Die, a teen rom-com directed by Betty Thomas, was released in 2006. The plot revolves around a man named John (Jesse Metcalfe) who is dating three different girls at the same time. Kate Spencer (Britanny Snow), a waitress at a cafe where he brings every girl he dates, discovers his scheme. After learning the truth, the three girls pledge to exact vengeance. They urge Kate to seduce him first with her cutesy charms, then destroy his heart in the same way he broke theirs. The movie keeps you on edge the entire time and never gets boring. A great movie to watch with friends with the never-getting old cliches.

10 Best Movies Like John Tucker Must Die

After thorough research and binge-watching of rom-com movies, we have gathered just the perfect movies like John Tucker Must Die for you. This list is based on how similar the plot, genre, vibes, overall setting, and etc. is to JTMD. Hopefully one of these will be able to feed your craving!

The Other Woman

The Other Woman

Released in April 2014, The Other Woman is a classic romantic comedy movie. If you want a similar plot to movies like John Tucker Must Die, this should be your first choice. Critics also call the Other Woman the grown-ups JTMD. From character types to narrative specifics, The Other Woman shares a lot with the 2006 teen film. Both flicks revolve around an extremely similar storyline. Both John Tucker and Mark King from The Other Woman have three different relationships. When the three ladies discover that he is cheating on them all, they band together to exact vengeance.

Moreover, in both films, the plot entails convincing him that nothing is wrong and surreptitiously injecting him with hormones to make him more feminine. Not to forget how both films have a brother as a love interest. Mark’s girlfriend, Carly, is taken aback when she hears about his marriage with another woman. Kate, his wife, is introduced to her and the two become fast friends. Kate, on the other hand, learns of Mark’s affair with Amber. The three women then decide to teach Mark a lesson by teaming up. If you are looking for a good laugh and relatable movie with a similar plot to John Tucker Must Die, this one is definitely for you.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls

The film, Mean Girls, is a classic teen movie to which almost every girl can relate at some point. It is probably the chickiest of all chick flicks. This film is completely believable and relatable. Every single one of those characters may be a genuine person. The film depicts today’s youth and describes what high school is really like. It explains everything but in a more entertaining and watchable manner. It’s extremely quotable, with quotes that will never go out of style. It’s amusing, quotable, realistic, and non-dramatic. If you like watching the high-school cliches in movies like JTMD, this is the one for you!

Mean Girls was released in 2004 and received a lot of great feedback. With a rating of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes and 89% on Google, it is safe to say that the movie is quite a big hit. Cady, an adolescent, begins a new school and quickly finds herself in trouble. It all begins when she falls in love with Regina’s ex-boyfriend, the harsh and popular girls’ leader at the school. The group of mean girls bully Cady and makes her life a living hell. Cady tries to make high school bearable with the help of her two friends, Janis and Damian. Learn how they deal with the school’s mean females by watching the film.

Just Friends

Just Friends Movie

Looking for movies like JTMD to help you make the most of your vacation? If that’s the case, you should watch Just Friends. It’s not only funny, but it also has an excellent plot that will keep you engaged throughout. Just Friends is a romantic comedy directed by Roger Kumble and released in 2005. Young Ryan Reynolds plays Chris Brander, while Amy Smart plays Jamie Palamino in the film. The movie plot revolves around an obese and unpopular high school guy and his hardships in getting the one he loves.

As Chris faces the struggle of being obese, he develops a secret crush on his best friend, Amy. After mustering up all the courage he had, Chris finally decides to confess to her by writing his feelings in her yearbook. However, Amy’s ex-boyfriend, Tim, reads Chris’s feelings out loud to which Amy rejects breaking Chris’s heart. After getting hurt badly, he vows to become so successful and prove himself to the world.

Just Friends is the ideal film for everyone who can’t take themselves seriously and has been injured by a romantic interest. Even if you watch it over and over, you will never grow bored. This film contains a lot more heart than you’d anticipate from actors who had previously appeared in American Pie, Waiting, and Scary Movie. It isn’t obscene in any way. It’s also hilarious from beginning to end.


Lol (2012)

If you want to watch some high school romance with some beautiful friendships in movies like John Tucker is Bad, LOL is the one for you. Lol is a 2012 movie having the setting of an era where social media is at its peak. The movie greatly depicts a life of a spoiled teen girl who fights with her adolescent problems with the help of her best friends.

The acting in the film is excellent. Miley looks incredibly stunning in it. Furthermore, the connections are so lovely and genuine that they will give you butterflies. It accurately reflects many of the feelings that teenagers and adults experience. Also, It’s not like any other cliché teen or girl film. Definitely not for action junkies, but a nice romantic film for adults and mature teenagers. The movie has a great plot and some extremely beautiful special moments. Lastly, It’s a great movie to watch when you’re feeling down in the dumps. If you’re feeling down, turn on the television and start watching LOL. I promise you’ll feel better.

Picture This

Picture This

The film, Picture This, a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production, was released on July 13, 2008. It’s a family film with a romantic comedy plot that falls into the same category as movies like John Tucker Must Die. Even though critics have trashed the film, it boasts an above-average rating on Rotten Tomatoes and Google reviews. Stephen Herek, who directed numerous hit vintage 90s films, is the director of this film.

The plot follows Mandy (Ashley Tisdale), an average high school student who falls in love with Drew Patterson, the hottest man in her school (Robbie Amell). She gets a date to the school’s biggest party of the year. However, the film takes a turn for the better when her father, Mr. Tom (Kevin Pollak), orders her to be grounded on the day of the event. Mandy decides to sneak out of her house with the help of her best friends, Alexa and Cayenne, who are frustrated by the change of circumstances. Join Mandy on her exciting day by watching the film.

Tisdale from High School Musical is adorable and brilliant, and she shines in this part as the lovably irrepressible Mandy, who always seems to rise above adversity. Though portraying Tisdale throws her heart and her into the part and manages to make the story convincing. Teens will like the amusing take on high school social structure and will root for Mandy and her friends as she defies the popularity scale and distinguishes herself from the bossy popular kids simply by being loyal to her heart.

What’s Your Number?

What’s Your Number?

Released in 2011, What’s Your Number makes into the list of movies like John Tucker Must Die by giving the same fuzzy feeling to the audience. The movie is directed by Mark Mylod who is known for directing the popular series Game of Thrones and the hit movie Succession (2018). Moreover, the film is adapted from a book called 20 Times a Lady. It has a very decent rating of  6.1/10 on IMDB and 4.2/5 on Google Reviews.

Ally Darling (Anna Faris), the female character in the film, is suffering from heartbreak after her 19th lover dumps her. When Ally comes across a strange magazine called “What’s Your Number?” that claims that women who have had more than 20 boyfriends are less likely to find a husband, she becomes concerned that this could be her final chance to find a loving partner. In order to discover true love, Ally begins calling her ex-boyfriends in the hopes that one of them will become her husband.

This movie is absolutely hilarious just like John Tucker Must Die, this will make you cry from laughter. Furthermore, the chemistry between Evans and Faris is obvious from the start. Their humorous timing complements one another, and they appear to be a fantastic match on television. Anna Faris has a terrific sense of humor, and I guarantee you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing at her fake British accent in the film. Overall, it’s precisely what you’d expect from a Romantic Comedy. On a day when you don’t have much to do, the movie will be a great source of entertainment.

10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You Movie

The movie, 10 Things I Hate About You is a cult classic movie that had its release in 1999. Ever since its airing, the movie 10 Things I Hate About You keeps on gaining more fans similar to other movies like John Tucker is Bad. These cult classics, romantic comedy movies are the best way to have fun at weekends and sleepovers. The best thing about such movies is how relatable they are to teenagers of every generation.

The story follows Cameron James (Joseph Gordon Levitt), a high school boy who falls in love with Bianca Stratford right away (Larisa Oreynik). Bianca, on the other hand, is unable to date until her older sister, Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles), does. Kat is an antisocial individual who despises males as a result of her horrific experiences with her ex. Hence, Cameron devises a plan to seduce Kat into falling in love with a strange man named Patrick Verona (Heath Ledger).

This film is one of the most well-known and genre-defining Rom Coms of all time. 10 Things I Hate About You, which came released during the height of the Rom-Com movie era in the late 1990s and early 2000s, encapsulates everything such films tried (and frequently failed) to achieve. It’s humorous, touching, and intelligent, with references that are both highbrow and approachable. It finds moments of passionate longing, true connection, and even meaningful social commentary in a genre that is often considered meaningless. It juxtaposes the cheesiness and cliches of Rom Coms with the snobbery and elitism so frequently associated with Shakespeare, mocking and celebrating them both at the same time.



The movie Clueless is another one of cult classic rom-com teen movies like John Tucker Must Die that will keep you on edge the entire time. The movie had its release in 1995, however, it is still relatable to teens nowadays. It is without a doubt one of the greatest girls flick ever filmed. The film is difficult to forget and leaves a pleasant aftertaste that makes you desire more. It’s a narrative that every adolescent going through their senior year can relate to.

The movie is written and directed by Amy Heckerling known for writing commercially successful movies. Immediately after its release, Clueless became one of the most successful teen films of its time. The movie has an amazing rating on many movie critic sites such as rotten tomatoes and IMDB. If you are looking for some teen movies with good female friendships, you have to watch this film.

The story revolves around Cher, an affluent adolescent, and her high school experiences. Cher’s status as a rich youngster immediately draws everyone’s attention. Cher, on the other side, resolves to help a new student who is nearly unnoticeable become popular, in contrast to other high school girls. While dealing with her high school issues, Cher meets the love of her life. Check out the movie to see how Cher fights for her love.

Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

Looking for incredibly hilarious movies like John Tucker Must Die? Then, here you go! Whatever It Takes has everything it takes to be a perfect teen comedy movie. Notice the pun? Hope it was not so bad haha! Anyways, Whatever it takes is an amazing movie to watch on weekend with your friends or lover. If you are a teen, you may find yourself relating to a lot of things. And, if you are an adult, Whatever it takes is the best movie to watch to remind yourself of your teen days.

Because the film was released in 2000, you may find it a little dated and tacky. Nonetheless, you can not deny how hilarious and intriguing the movie is. The plot involves Ryan (Shane West), who falls in love with Ashley (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe), a hot girl from his school. However, he is unaware that Maggie (Marla Sokoloff), his female best friend for life, has a crush on him. Things become much more complex when Chris (James Franco), a prominent jock, develops feelings for Maggie. There isn’t even a love triangle in this film; it’s a complete square!

It’s an outrageously hilarious film that will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry. Not to mention how the gripping plot will keep you on the edge the entire time! Furthermore, James Franco’s outstanding performance in this film was the icing on the cake. You must see this film at least once in your life!


The Sleepover

Movies like John Tucker Must Die are so refreshing that they will cheer you up no matter how sad you are. One of such movies is Sleepover. Released in 2004, Sleepover is a family romantic comedy movie directed by Joe Nussbaum. It’s about a bunch of young teenage females coming of age as freshmen in high school having the “ideal” rebellious night. This film will portray friendship, love, and frenemies in the best possible light. It may appear cheesy due to the time gap as it was released in 2004, but it is an incredibly sincere film. This is the one for you if you enjoy seeing girls team up together to exact vengeance on others. Moreover, the cast is very attractive so trust you will not be disappointed.

The plot follows a group of four rebellious best friends, Julie (Alexa Pena Vega), Hannah (Mika Boorem), Yancy (Kallie Flynn Childress), and Farrah (Scout Taylor Compton). It all starts when they are challenged to a scavenger expedition by a bunch of prominent cruel girls led by Stacy Blake (Sara Paxton). The four BFFs decide to spend the night at Julie’s house, from which they sneak out for the hunt and unwittingly go on the most incredible trip of their lives.


These ten films are your best bet if you’re looking for something to fill the JTMD-shaped hole in your heart. These will make you get tears from laughter and give you butterflies both at the same time.
In summary, the top ten mind-blowing movies like John Tucker is Bad to watch are as follows:

  •  The Other Woman
  • Just Friends
  • Mean Girls
  • LOL
  • What’s Your Number
  • Picture This
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Clueless
  • Whatever It Takes
  • The Sleepover

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