6 Best And Sexiest Netflix and Chill Alternatives



Netflix and chill is a term used in popular culture as a term that is used for sex at the house of your romantic partner. Netflix isn’t as fun as once it was, and other things can lead to a steaming sex session with your partner. Let’s explore the 6 Best Netflix and Chill Alternatives.

Netflix and Chill Alternatives


Netflix is not the only platform that will let you chill with your partner as there is are other options that let you develop an environment for a romantic session full of passion. I will recommend alternatives to Netflix and Chill.

Find a common interest


There must be a common interest in two people that is not movies or tv shows. Many people build a very strong bong when their common interests align. The relationship will last more as the boredom is significantly less. By finding that familiar thing, you can get into her or his pants very quickly and often. For example, book reading is a habit that is still prevalent in people and if you are a book worm and your partner is a book worm, it can be an excellent idea to read an erotic novel or a short story online and then get done with the act.

Star Gazing

Star Gazing is something that is the most relaxing thing when you live in an area that is away from nature, and the pollution in the city doesn’t let you see the companions of the earth who come at night to twinkle for the happiness of the inhabitants of the earth. Take your car, partner, and drive away from the urban world and take a giant leap into nature. There you can have an extraordinary love-making session in the open. It is my personal favorite out of the 10 Netflix and Chill Alternatives.

A short trip

If your partner is new to the city or if they haven’t seen the places in the locality you have always been fond of. Take them on a pleasant trip, and that way, you can relive many memories and will have your trip down the memory lane while they get to know you better. Eat food, and then take her or him to a place where you always imagined to be with the love of your life. Get the act done, and this time it will feel much better as you let your partner into your little world, the world composed of your favorite things; it creates different energy, which can be seen in the sex you two will have.

Scrabble and Dabble


You can take a board game and start playing it with your partner. It is one of the best alternatives to Netflix and honest any digital way of bonding with your partner. Traditional games were always advertised to bring people together and to build an excellent relationship between them. Inviting over your partner like “Hey, let’s play a game of scrabble tonight” will be much more innovative than saying “Netflix and chill,” which has become very common, and to attract the stud or the chick you want, maybe think more out of the box and not follow the majority.

Scrabble, for example, will be a great game, where you can make words of your choice, and choosing sexual words can lead to a very enthralling romantic session near scrabble’s board.


Here is another idea that is out of the box. Grab a VHS tape from one of your elderly relatives or friends, or you can easily find them on eBay; maybe eBay might be spending too much of the money, but if you can afford it. Why not? It can be the ultimate retro alternative to Netflix. The TV shows like stranger things on Netflix take you to the late ’80s, while a VHS and an old movie on it will give your partner the true feeling of watching an old film as compared to watching it on modern devices using streaming services.

Next time you need a pickup line, say “VHS and BDSM,” and it surely will attract many people to go and f**k your brains out. Be more creative, as many people crave this. Honestly, “Netflix and Chill” is so overused now!

DVD and ‘D.’

Here is another idea that is out of the box. Grab a DVD player from eBay, and it goes very cheap on there. It can be the ultimate modern- retro alternative to Netflix. Several TV shows and movies on Netflix take you to the early 2000s, while a DVD player and a movie from that era will give your partner the true feeling of being in that time.

Your next pickup line “DVD and D” will make you more attractive intellectually and in this world where people get bored of the cliched easily. You can stand out while others only wonder what you did differently.

How to make Netflix and Chill work


  1. Always pick something you have a deep connection with, both you and your partner. For example, don’t pick a new movie; choose the one you both have watched, and feel that both have affection for it. Also, picking new movies means that your partner will focus more on the movies rather than you and will not determine the hints, while a movie that they have watched in the past will mean having time to focus on you.
  2. Slowly make your advancement toward him or her. Give subtle hints or try to flirt and then slowly go physical if the partner is comfortable with it. Link yourself with the characters on the screen, which will add more fun to your hot time.
  3. Click here if you have Netflix Error Code ui-800-3 that is not letting you chill.

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Precautions Of Netflix and Chill

  1. Everyone is built differently, and these terms like Netflix and Chill might be something innocent in their minds.
  2. Always do it with consent, never force yourself upon someone
  3. Some people are more interested in the movie, star gazing, scrabble than you, so to have sex with them, you just have to ask directly.

These were the Netflix and Chill Alternatives that you surely would have enjoyed. In the comment section down below, do tell us if you tried any of these and how did it go or if you have better alternatives than these, then drop them down below.




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