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Netflix is not a leisure time but a necessity for most people, and like many other services, it also runs into problems. The infamous Netflix Error Code ui-800-3 is one of the hindrance in the experience of the users.

What causes the Netflix Error Code ui-800-3 ?


The Netflix error code indicates that there is a problem in the Netflix app on your device and it is mainly concerned with the corruption of some files or data. It can be easily fixed on some devices while others will give you lots of trouble, but we have covered you with the top ten best fixes for the Netflix Error Code ui-800-3.

10 Ways To Fix Netflix Error Code ui-800-3

How to fix Netflix Error Code ui-800-3?

Netflix is a multiplatform service, and this code is not unique to one platform; it can occur on all of them, and thus there is no one fix for it. We will list all the fixes with respect to the platforms.

Step 1

Your router can be a cause of the Netflix Error Code ui-800-3 and restarting the router might solve the issue for you.

Step 2

You can try and shut down your device. For a mobile phone or a laptop, a simple shutdown would be good enough but for smart tv, you have to unplug your device and let it be in that state for 1 minute or more, then plugging in your tv might make it work.

Step 3

As an extension of the above step, you can repeatedly power on and power off your device a few times, and then turning it off and leaving it unplugged for few minutes might solve the issue.

Step 4

The other step is to sign out of your Netflix application. This will help clear some data. Upon signing in again it might fix the Netflix Error Code ui-800-3. If it doesn’t work for you then sign in on the web version of Netflix then sign out of all the devices. Make sure you remember your password and sign back in on all devices. This option signs you out from all the devices your Netflix is signed in.

Step 5

Clearing the data and cache of the Netflix app is a good step. Yes you can uninstall it, but it is time-consuming. Sometimes this step is more than enough. On multiple devices this method is different. For example on an Android device you can do it by going to the app menu.

Step 6

The next method is a tedious task as you have to uninstall and reinstall the Netflix app. To fix the Netflix Error Code ui-800-3 . In the majority of devices, you can carry out such a step but there are certain TVs out there that will not allow you to do such a thing if you don’t see this option; then don’t panic and move towards the next step.

Step 7

For devices that don’t have the option of uninstalling an app, you have to reset the whole device. This will delete the app data of Netflix and will reinstate it into its original form, but be warned; it will delete the data of all the apps on your device.

Step 8

If you are using a TV this error is most common on TVs. Contact the customer service of your TV will help you with the fix. They might ask you to download firmware or update the firmware manually.

Step 9

On the Amazon Fire Stick when you see this error. It is better to call the Amazon support team. As the Netflix ESN can get corrupted and the only way out of it is to find a replacement if your firestick is in warranty.

Step 10

You can change the DNS settings of your device. This applies to video game consoles like the Xbox 360, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, and others.

Fixing Netflix Error Code ui-800-3 On PS4

These were the top 10 best fixes if you run into the infamous Netflix Error Code. Which can be a very frustrating process or just a few easy steps to fix the issue; there is no in-between.

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