Pokemon Emerald How to Get to Lavaridge Town?



This guide, Pokemon Emerald How to get to Lavaridge, will help you understand and learn all ways and tricks possible to reach Lavaridge Town and complete its gym. Getting to Lavaridge is hard and may take a few hours before you finally reach the town. Just like its journey, completing the Lavaridge gym is also very difficult. It is by far the most difficult gym you will encounter. Hence, make sure you have a good team that can defeat the insane gym leader.

What is Pokemon Emerald?

Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald was released in Japan in 2004 on the Game Boy Advance, a game emulator. However, the rest of the world only found out about it a year later, in 2005, when it received a new update. This was due to the fact that the new updated version of Pokemon was more successful than the previous version. It is also the final installment of the third generation of the Pokemon Video Game Series. The video game begins with the player selecting one of two characters, a boy and a girl who are both Pokemon trainers, and takes place in a small town called Little Root, where the player has recently moved to a new home with his family. Then, the players explore the different towns and eventually get to Pokemon Emerald Lavaridge town. The adventures in this game can be compared to what you see in movies like maze runner.

The game begins slowly, with a lot of grinding and learning new mechanics. However, things quickly escalate as teams magma and aqua make the skies roar as the player quickly shifts from completing the Pokédex to preventing total dominance!
After the first 2-3 gyms, the protagonist must venture out into this new region and explore new caves, cities, forest villages, research labs, towns and so much more. Near the finale, the player receives new challenges. Moreover, Pokémon is ready to embark on the road to victory, only to be greeted with a pleasant surprise in addition to the original games.

The sense of accomplishment in this game is incredible, and it is undoubtedly the number one selling point. Even the after-game is incredible. It has new legends, areas to explore, hidden secrets, and an international Pokédex, as well as new starters and Islands.

Different Towns in Pokemon Emerald

The towns are a great place to grind and practice with your pokemon in Pokemon Emerald. Gyms are one of the best areas to test your skills against other pokemon trainers. If you’re new to the game and don’t know what gyms are, let us briefly explain them to you as one needs to know what gyms are so they can advance in the game and get to Pokemon Emerald Lavaridge town. They’re specific locations in the Pokemon world where you can battle different pokemon trainers and rivals to advance further in the game.

So, there are several gyms in Pokemon Emerald, and you will visit them in the following order:

  1. Rustboro City
  2. Dewford Town
  3. Mauville City
  4. Lavaridge Town
  5. Petalburg City
  6. Fortree City
  7. Mossdeep City
  8. Sootopolis City

How to Complete the Gyms Before Lavaridge?

In Rustboro city gym you normally have to pass through different pokemon trainers battling them reaching the last pokemon trainer boss battle. Moving on, we have Dewford town gym it offers a maze structure with a very limited vision and you have to defeat each pokemon different to increase your vision of reaching the last pokemon trainer! Then we reach Mauville city gym where we have to activate the switch in a sequence battling different pokemon trainers clearing your way to Wattson pokemon trainer reaching lavaridge.

Finishing a Gym

You have to battle several pokemon trainers as well as find your way out of the puzzling area a gym includes rivaling pokemon trainers of even some mystery puzzles which are interesting to solve as we progress further gym gets harder and harder.

How to Get to Pokemon Emerald Lavaridge Town?

Lavaridge Town

There is a way to get to Lavaridge from the town of Mauville after completing its gym. Going to Lavaridge from Mauville includes quite a lot of time and effort. There is a whole town you will have to pass first. The town you will find on your way is Fallarbor Town.

Getting to lava ridge gym means completing all previous gyms filled with mysteries and entertainment for a player to completely enjoy the game witnessing its mind-blowing beauty and difficulties with different maze-type structures each differing in gyms. Like explained before there are three gyms you have to complete before reaching Lavaridge gym (Rustboro city, Dewford town, and Mauville city). Each gym offers different map structures and different pokemon trainers having different monsters increasing in levels as you proceed further in the gym.

Take the Route 112 from Mauville

Somewhere on Route 111

Once you are done with the gym in Mauville, exit it and find your way out. Now, you need to find the Aqua team which you will find at the North. While going North, you will find Route 111 which you need to take. Keep on moving till you find some rocks lying on the ground. Use the skill Rock Smash to break them and then continue your journey.

As you follow the path, head west at the sig. There you will find Route 112 and the NPCs, Brendon or May, who will give you HM04 Strength. Take that and keep moving in the west until you find the stairs. Use to stairs and head North to the cave named Fiery Path. Keep moving north through the cave. Now once it is unlocked you need to exit it again and get back to Route 112. This path will eventually get you to Pokemon Emerald Lavaridge Town.

Make your way north until you reach Route 111 again. Continue along the path until you come across Aarune. He bestows on you the TM94 Secret Power and Decoration. Continue north on Route 111 after leaving the Secret Base. You’ll eventually reach Route 113. Proceed traveling down Route 113 and stop when you see Brendan or May again. Finally, keep going on Route 113 and you will reach Fallarbor Town.

Taking Cable Car to Mt. Chimney From Mauville

The Cable Car

Brendan or May will appear with a short dialogue. Exit the building after the brief conversation. Now, you have to go to Route 114 which can be found by heading west.  Then, take the trail to the south and go across the bridge. Continue Route 114 till you get to Brendan or May again. After a little moment, he will bolt away. Keep on following him and the route: Do not lose sight of him. Soon, you’ll come across Meteor Falls, a cave. This must be tiring but do not give up and continue your journey to Pokemon Emerald Lavaridge.

When you enter the Falls, you’ll see Brendan or May and others to the west. Here you will have to battle with Aqua Member Shelly and Team Aqua Grunt. Once you have defeated them, another dialogue box will appear. Finally, the professor will give you TM23 Smackdown which you need. Once you have collected all the things you need, return to Mauville with Brendan and May. Afterward, continue going north on Route 111 until you reach Route 112 again. At the top of the stairs, we went to before, will be a building. Enter that building and take a Cable Car to Mount Chimney.

Going to Lavaridge Town From Mt. Chimney

Upon exiting the cable car that brings you to Mt. Chimney, you will need to head North. While moving North, you will find two teams, Team Magma and Team Aqua. When you reach them, a short dialogue will appear. Read it and keep moving on the path. Battle with the Grunt of Team Aqua, win, and again continue moving north. As you follow the trail, you will find Aqua Admin Shelly, with whom you will need to fight in a battle. Once you defeat her, keep going forward to battle with Aqua Team Leader, Archie. After winning the other battle, go back to the south, keep moving and you will reach a place named Jagged Pass. Proceed with your journey to the south and you will reach Route 112. Take the route and head west. Finally, you will get to your destination, the Lavaridge Town in Pokemon Emerald.

How to Complete Lavaridge Gym?

Lavaridge Gym

Find your way to the gym once you get to Lavaridge Town and get ready for a little puzzle. Lavaridge Town Gym is unlike any other gym since it combines battles and a maze style, making it unique. The player enters the gym and is blinded by mist, limiting his or her visibility. You then proceed around the gym pressing numbers in order from 1 to 8. Lavaridge Town Gym is more difficult than other gyms since it has two levels: a first floor and a basement. Because the Pokemon you’ll be battling in lava ridge are fire-type pokemon, having water-type pokemon, ground-type pokemon, and rock-type pokemon is a wonderful tip for conquering lava ridge.

To solve the maze, lower the first trap door. Then, go up the water spout on the far right and open the trap door which is on the far north. Next, on your far left, you will see another trap door, drop it open. Now, head up the water spout that you will find on the far left. Get down the trap door on your far left. Afterward, keep on going right and you will find another trap door, drop it down and take the southern trap door down. Finally, get ready to fight the Lavaridge Gym Leader after climbing up the water spout on your far left.


Hopefully, this has answered your question of Pokemon Emerald, “How to get to Lavaridge town?”. Getting to Lavaridge is a long journey if you start from Mauville but it is possible to do all this in a span of two hours. If you are at Mauville, you will need to pass Fallarbor Town, Mount Chimney, Jagged Pass, and the Fiery Cave. In between, you will also have to do numerous battles just to get to your destination. The Lavaridge gym is also very difficult and often called “the hardest gym” by many players. If you have a terrible team, it might be impossible for you to complete this gym. However, our good wishes are with you. Good luck, adventurer!

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