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Radiate Positivity Through 10 Beautiful Ways



Radiate positivity

In this world full of negativity and despair, it is challenging to find positive vibes. Nowadays, almost everyone is stressed or depressed. There aren’t many people who radiate positivity. However, as humans, we require positivity in our lives to live happily and peacefully. If we allow negativity to affect ourselves and others, we may be unable to live the life we desire. If you somehow become capable of helping someone with your positivity, you will realize how much better you feel – a sense of goodwill and fullness will overtake you. In this article let’s discuss the ways we can radiate positivity and make this world a better and happier place to live.

1. Love Yourself

Radiate Positivity


Of course, If you wish to exhude positivity, the first and most important thing will always begin with you. There’s a famous quote by Lucille Ball “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”. Such a beautiful saying this is. Indeed, you must first love yourself and believe in yourself to do something. Start a self-care routine, give yourself time, and properly work on yourself. You deserve to be loved and cared for just as much as the person you believe deserves love the most. If you wish to radiate positivity, start by loving yourself and being positive about yourself.

2. Encourage Yourself to Do Better Everyday

Radiate Positivity

smiling kid

Stand in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and tell yourself every positive word and encouragement that you wish to hear from others or even if you do not wish to hear from anyone- just shout out the words of affirmations. According to research carries out by Aberystwyth University and Bangor University, “A total of 47 studies were analyzed. Results indicated beneficial effects of positive, instructional, and motivational self-talk for performance.” (David Todd, James Hardy & Emily Oliver. 2011). Motivational self-talk will assist you in eradicating negativity within yourself, transforming you into a more positive person who radiates positive vibes.

3. Look at The Positive Side

Radiate Positivity

Smiling girl

Be optimistic, try to look at the bright side of everything. The more positive you think, the more positivity you radiate. Have too much workload, take it as a way to gain experience and become skilled. Low on cash? Use it as an opportunity to become a humbler. Feeling lonely? It is okay! Every human feels lonely at some point. Just promise yourself to be more friendly in the future and think of how strong and independent you are. Trust me, there is always a positive side to everything. Do not get stuck in the darkness.

If you are a realist like me, you might also find it hard to believe that there are unbelievable good things ahead. However, think of one time you were at your lowest and thought there is no way out. You found a way, right? Yes, you did find a way to survive that, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be here reading this article. And isn’t it better to believe what you think is unbelievable so you can be happy instead of falling into despair and ruining your life even more? If you think believing such unrealistic things are absurd, don’t you think losing all hope and harming yourself is even more absurd? As a realistic person, these thoughts have bothered me for a long time.

Even now I try to make sure that I am not hoping for good without any reason and try to find a reason to believe the unbelievable. You see I find a way to make myself more positive. From now on, let’s promise ourselves to always look at the bright side. After all, I have also noticed the more one feels sad, the sadder things happen. So, let’s be more positive, radiate positivity, and attract positive events.


4. Smile More Often

Radiate Positivity

Sakura smiling

If no one has ever told you this before, let me tell you that your smile is hella beautiful! So don’t ever be afraid to smile. If someone taunts your smile, it is them being negative. Remember our goal? We have to avoid negativity and focus on the good side. Many people love your smile, don’t feel sad because of a downer egoist. Though, make sure to not be petty and start hating them because hate is a negative emotion and we can not afford negativity in our life.

You can’t imagine the wonders of a smile. Do you ever look at someone smiling and go “God I wanna protect this cute bean forever!”? I feel the same when I see my loved ones smiling and our loved ones feel the same when they see us smiling. You see this is a positive emotion and by just smiling you can radiate and spread so much positivity.

5. Avoid Arguing with Negative People

Radiate Positivity

Negative people reaching for a girl

Oh, poor pessimists. There is no one I pity more than pessimists. Due to the traumatic and unfair events of their lives, their mind gets trained to automatically think of the worst. Most pessimists suffer from anxiety because of their huge tendency to overthink negative scenarios. These people are capable of hurting everyone around them- they hurt themselves the most. You must never get into a heated argument with them. I repeat NEVER! They will never listen to you instead you will end up hurting them more and more. This will only create more negative energy which we do not need. We are learning how to be more positive not more negative.

Treat these people with a little extra sympathy and care. You will notice most of them won’t even believe in unconditional love and care because often they have never received it. Everyone complains that there aren’t many people who love unconditionally but they aren’t ready to give it themselves. Become a giver, there are already many broken people in this world. Be the healer this world desperately needs.

6. Be Honest with Yourself

Radiate Positivity


If you are not honest with your dark side, no matter how hard you try to be more positive you will always be radiating negative energy. Hold yourself accountable, accept your dark side and promise yourself to sincerely eradicate it. There’s a difference between becoming a positive person and pretending to be a positive person. Pretending will not hide what’s inside you. You will not be able to hide the dark energy that would be exuding from you. Cleanse your heart, remove all hate and become humbler. Only then you will truly feel content with yourself and radiate positivity.

7. Use More Positive Words to Spread Positivity

Radiate Positivity

Positive words

Using positive words is the most effective way to exude positivity. It’s like a hack to become a positive person easily, but again it won’t work if our heart isn’t clean. It is easy to fool a person, however, we are learning to become a positive person, not a manipulator. Give more compliments and avoid gossiping. Use more positive words like “You look good today!”, “You are loved”, “I am happy for you.”, and million more words like these. Let’s make our goal to compliment 5 people today!

8. Adapt a Positive Body Language

Radiate Positivity

body language


Positive body language is just as important as positive words. You may want to change your habit of putting your hands in your pockets, slouching, or closing your arms. All of these are associated with negative and unfriendly body language. Instead, try to sit straight-up and have an open posture. An open posture invites more people to be comfortable with you and naturally exudes positive vibes.

9. Have a Grateful Heart

Radiate Positivity

grateful heart

A lot of people nowadays associate gratefulness with foolishness. However, it’s one of the most important things to radiate positivity in your life. When told to be grateful, I have heard a lot of people saying “Just because they have it worst, doesn’t mean our sufferings are nothing.” And they are totally right! We cannot invalidate their feelings or judge their suffering by our standards. You might find an insensitive joke funny but a highly sensitive person might even get a trauma for life because of it. We can never tell anyone how their sufferings are little or negligible. That will just make us an insensitive sociopaths. Do not compare, comparing doesn’t equate to being grateful.

What being grateful mean is to be thankful for the smallest thing in your life. Try to find happiness in the small things that life has to offer. Would you prefer to be sad your entire life thinking how unfair your life is or would you prefer to find happiness in the subtlest things and die living a content life? Think and choose for yourself. Even if you are extremely poor, have no friends or family, and no place to live. It’s okay!! Sounds absurd but it’s okay, it’s life. You can’t spend crying about it when it’s already this bad. Be grateful you are alive and healthy enough to work. You will still be able to change your life if you work hard! Be grateful and think positively. Ask any successful person and see them stressing how you must be grateful and have a positive mindset.

10. Never Give Up

Radiate Positivity

never give up

Even if a situation has made you sure there’s no way out, don’t give up, never give up. Die trying, not crying. Do not give up your dreams, do not give up on becoming a better person, and do not give up on spreading positivity. You cannot imagine how much this world needs positive people. You do not know how many people are waiting for a healer, for an angel to save them from darkness and despair. Be the only light in this dark world. You are special. You are amazing even if you are just trying to radiate positivity. People of this world will forever be grateful to you. Don’t give up. Never give up trying to think more positively, never give up looking at the bright side, never give up trying to cleanse your heart, and most importantly never give up on yourself.


Tod, David & Hardy, James & Oliver, Emily. (2011). Effects of Self-Talk: A Systematic Review. Journal of sport & exercise psychology. 33. 666-87. 10.1123/jsep.33.5.666.

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