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Scholarship in Sweden: Everything You Need To Know 2024

For an aspiring international student, Scholarship in Sweden is a great idea. There are over 60 Bachelor’s and around 900 Master’s degrees.



Scholarship in Sweden

For an aspiring international student, Sweden is a great destination. There are over 60 Bachelor’s and around 900 Master’s degrees on Sweden’s education portal. Moreover, you can choose from a comprehensive variety of English-taught study programs and disciplines. Have a look at the scholarships in Sweden.

However, getting your education from Sweden does not need to be expensive. If you look into the right places, you will find that getting higher education in Sweden is relatively easy. Moreover, in some cases, it comes with fully-funded scholarships. Like Sweden Government Scholarship 2022 Fully Funded, Sweden Government Scholarship for Undergraduate 2021.

Possibilities are many, and hence in this particular article, you will find out your most preferable scholarship options.

How to get scholarships in Sweden?

Sweden Scholarships

There are loads of diverse ways in which a student can avail scholarship to study in Sweden. The opportunity to learn in Sweden may be right in front of you with multiple scholarship options.

Besides, the Swedish Institute (SI) comes up with a large variety of numerous scholarships. These scholarships are given based on the subject you wish to explore and your nationality.

Here are a few ways to get financial aid from universities and other public or even private institutions:

  • Scholarship granted by the Swedish Institute is given to scholars applying for Master’s degree programs.
  • Scholarship offered via Visby Program, the partnership between Russia and EU Eastern countries. These grants are given to those who apply to programs centring on subject areas related to reform, sustainability, and corporate social duty.
  • Country-specific scholarships are offered to international students from certain countries.
  • Individual universities that give the scholarship. Each institution is free to decide the term, cost, and admission criteria for the scholarship.
  • Studyportals scholarship: International distinction awards are for those pupils who prove their potential of changing the world.

Up to 2010, Sweden was amid one of the few nations to offer studies for free. After that, the Swedish Government passed a law that charges application and tuition fees. But the costs are from the aspiring scholars from non-EU/EEA countries to be supplied by Swedish Scholarship Programs. Thus, if you’re wondering about how I can get a scholarship in Sweden, then make sure you remember these things.

How to get government scholarships in Sweden to study abroad?

students studying

There are majorly two sorts of scholarships given by Sweden for international students. One is the government’s scholarships, while the other is the one presented by the universities.

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

  • Sweden Government Scholarship 2021 is a fully-funded scholarship program. International students can apply for the Sweden Government Scholarship 2021, fully funded for free. The Swedish Institute Scholarship offers to seek a Master Degree.
  • Sweden Government Scholarship will offer 300 fully-funded scholarships to international students that are covered with airfares, tuition and travel grants, and other expenses by Swedish Government.
  • Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals provides many full scholarships for the Master’s program in Sweden.

The Visby Programme Scholarships

  • The Visby Programme provides several full scholarships for Master’s programmes in Sweden to students from certain countries. The countries are namely Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia.
  • The scholarship covers the living expenses and tuition fees of SEK 9,000 per month, one-time travel grant of SEK 5,000. Moreover, it also includes insurance.

Private Scholarships in Sweden for International students.

Blenkinge Institute of Technology Scholarship Programme

  • BTH Scholarship Programme is for proposed students for citizens from non-EU/EEA countries required to pay tuition fees for Swedish university education.
  • The particular scholarship programme offers scholarship meeting tuition fees in part, which is up to 50 percent.

University of Borås Fee Waivers

  • The University of Borås offers tuition fees Waivers to highly able students required to pay tuition fees applying for the eligible Master’s Programme at the University.
  • The scholarships are proposed to cover the tuition fees by around 50%. However, these are not meant to cover the living expenses.

Halmstad University Scholarships

  • Each year, Halmstad University offers numerous scholarships to fit students from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland who are needed to pay tuition fees.
  • These scholarships are towards Master’s programs within any field of education offered at the University.
  • Halmstad University intends to cover up to 25% or, in some cases, up to 50% of the tuition fees. The amount is lessened from the actual tuition fee.

Karlstad University Global Scholarship Programme

  • The Karlstad University Global Scholarship Programme aims to attract top academic students from countries other than the EU/EEA and Switzerland. All who are needed to pay the tuition fees.
  • The particular scholarship covers up to 25%, 50%, 75%, and even 100% of the required tuition fees.

List of Sweden universities that offer Scholarships

The list below shows all the universities in Sweden that offer scholarships.

University Scholarships
Lund University Merit-based scholarship
Malmo University International scholarships + fellowship grants
HOgskolan i Halmstad Academic scholarships 25% to 50% off on tuition fees
Chalmers University of Technology IPOET Scholarship
Malardalen University Scholarships only for master’s students
Linnaeus University Anders Wall Scholarship
Mittuniversitetet Mid Sweden University Tuition Fee Scholarships
University of Boras Master’s scholarships only
Kristianstad University University own scholarship

Bottom Line

library books

We all would agree that for an aspiring international student, Sweden is a great destination. Besides, the expenses of studying in Sweden are nominal.

Furthermore, you can apply for the scholarships granted by the authorities there. There are majorly two ways for you to attain the scholarship. You can, for one, apply for government-funded scholarships, like the Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals and Visby Programme Scholarships.

The other option is to apply to the University Scholarships for International Students programmes. For example, BTH Scholarship Programme, Halmstad University Scholarships, and more.

The good part is you can apply for any type of scholarship and get your tuition fees covered from up to 25% to 75%. Also, if you turn out to be a qualified student, you might get a fully-funded scholarship. In some cases, it includes your traveling and living expenses as well.

All you have to do is choose amid the 60 Bachelors and over 900 Master’s Degree Programmes. Then apply for the related available scholarship application, and qualify the required necessities.

Afterwards, you are ready to get your education with your tuition fees, living costs and travel expenses covered by scholarships. Also, in some cases, it covers your insurance as well. Moreover, it would be in one of the great destinations for higher education, Sweden.

The Article has now been updated with more Swedish Scholarship Opportunity details.


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