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What Are The Best Sites To Watch TV Shows Online For Free?



Watch TV Shows

Tired of hearing about the hyped-up shows and having no free platform to watch them at? Then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of amazing websites that are not only free but have all the popular and latest shows. It is recommended to first look at the description of each website to see how you can get free access and how to avoid any kind of error or problem if it has.

List of websites to watch TV shows for free

We understand the struggle that free websites have. This list is made on the basis of the overall experience. So, look at the list of free stream sites and enjoy all your latest shows before you get the spoilers.


At MoviesJoy, you will not find any pop-ups or advertisements while watching the show. Also, a lot of websites ask for sign-up before you watch the show. Here, there is no need to sign up on the website or to enter any personal details.

On this website, most of the shows are in HD quality. You can filter all the shows on the basis of the quality you want, the release year of the TV shows you want to watch, and the kind of genre you are interested in. One best thing about MoviesJoy is that you can see the latest as well as the oldest shows on this platform.

Some extra features you can enjoy at this website

  • Download option
  • Captions are available in a lot of languages
  • The quality can be changed from 360p to HD.
  • Four different servers are available: UpCloud, Vidcloud, Streamlare, and Hydrax

watch TV shows


Noxx provides free TV streaming sites. This website does not require any sign-up, nor does it possess any pop-ups. On this website, you will only find those shows that are very popular, recently added ones on Netflix, and the top-rated shows. There is a search bar at the top to save you some time by letting you know if the website has the show, you are looking for or not.

If you are not looking for anything in particular and just want to browse till you find something, then this website is a perfect choice. There are some available genres you can select from along with the release year of the shows.

While watching the show you will get the following options:

  • Trailer available for all TV shows and movies
  • Download option available
  • Captions available in many languages
  • The color and the background of subtitles can also be changed in settings

To stream TV shows for free Yes Movies are the best choice. It includes a wide variety of TV shows and movies. There is an option of signing up, but it is not necessary to log in to watch anything. Just watch anything you want and use the website to the fullest without signing up. There are very few or just one pop-up that you might get while using the player. If you log in there will not be any advertisements or popups.

The advertisements are not of any illegal or censored pictures. Look at the features that you can enjoy on the player:

  • Captions are available in all the shows
  • There are some shortcuts for the player that you can use while watching the show. Such as “F” for full screen. The right key is to forward the show 5 seconds ahead, left key is to rewind the show 5 seconds behind.


When looking for the best sites to watch movies and TV shows for free, Fmovies comes at the top because they have all the shows that the viewers need. From the latest to the oldest in high quality. On this website, you will come across many pop-ups and advertisements. All you need to do is use the extension of adblocker. With this extension, you will only find two pop-ups when you play the show and after that, you are all good to enjoy the entire show.

This website is famous as it has very popular shows of perfect quality such as Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, FRIENDS, The Office, Vikings, etc.

Extra features you would like while watching the show:

  • There are three servers you can switch to and if one doesn’t work properly.
  • Captions are available in many languages, depending on your choice of show


MoviesCrumbs is there for you to complete all your desires to finish all the uwatchmovies you have on the list. You will find all the TV series online to watch for free. There is no need to sign up or register on the website to get access to the overall website. Just find the TV show of your own choice and in just one click you can start watching it. Here are some details that you will find on the player of this website:

  • Download option
  • The captions option is available in multiple languages
  • The trailer is not present on the website, but every movie and TV show has a link to the trailer that will show you the video of the official trailer uploaded on YouTube.

Quick look into free TV shows website

TV shows

In this article, we have presented the five top sites on the basis of the quality and variety of the shows present. These are the websites that do not have pop-ups, or even if they have some then they can be blocked through adblock extension. It’s time for you to choose any of the above websites and enjoy all the shows that you have been pending for a long time.

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