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Funny Names For Snapchat 2022 – Most Amazing, Cute and Interested Names



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Are you looking for funny private story names for Snapchat? Then, check 500+ funny Snapchat story name ideas and suggestions.

500+ Good Private Story Names For Snapchat

The popular app of Snapchat is currently used by millions of people around the world. There are many people who use Snapchat daily for entertainment purposes. If you are also a Snapchat user looking for unique and good private story names, then here we are with a lot of ideas and suggestions for you. Here we are providing you with a complete and detailed list of names that you can use on Snapchat.

Our team has conducted extensive research to provide you with the latest and funny private story names for the Snapchat app. Who does not want to be cool on social media apps? If you are looking for good private story names, then this article is all that you need. Here, we are going to discuss different ideas and suggestions for creating unique names for private stories on Snapchat. Keep reading to explore different Snapchat names.

How to Make a Snapchat Private Story?

There are certain steps and things that you should consider before making a unique private story for Snapchat. Then you can choose the ‘private story names funny’ you like. Check below the things that you can keep in mind to create a Snapchat private story:

  • First of all, open the Snapchat story and click on your bitmoji that you can see on the top left of the app.
  • After that, you have to select ‘Custom Story’ then choose ‘Private Story.’
  • Now, add the people on your friends’ list who will be allowed to view the private story.
  • Once you have finished this, you have to select the tick icon, which you can see on the bottom right corner.
  • Now you can create a private story name at the top of your screen and then choose the story.
  • Now you will be able to create a Snapchat private story.

Best Funny Private Story Names For Snapchat

Here are some of the best private story names for Snapchat that you can use. You can also combine two or three of these name suggestions and create one on your own.

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  1. Snapchat is like my diary
  2. “Me” time with myself!
  3. Good things happen
  4. Haters are my motivators
  5. I woke up this way
  6. Bad girl
  7. Goodbye to boring stories
  8. I’m not a celebrity, but
  9. So much for the camera
  10. The best content
  11. It’s always good to be yourself
  12. The magic of me!
  13. Just be happy, baby!
  14. My life in photos & videos!
  15. This is a private story for me only
  16. Just being me
  17. Blessed with bad decisions
  18. The life and times of me
  19. Hairless monkey
  20. Laughter is d best medicine
  21. Play with life
  22. I have a secret
  23. No filter is needed here
  24. Smelly lion
  25. Designated drinkers
  26. The only way to live
  27. I’m the best “me” that I know
  28. Drama queen
  29. Haters gonna hate
  30. World’s greatest storyteller
  31. I’m the one and only me!
  32. I’m a free spirit. Deal with it
  33. It takes courage to love
  34. You are uniquely special
  35. “Yes” to everything today
  36. My cat’s name is Chubby
  37. No filter is needed here!
  38. The only story worth checking
  39. “Yes” to everything today
  40. Only my dog can understand me
  41. Tired of being the good guy
  42. Just like all the other girls
  43. Bearded dragon
  44. It feels better when you laugh
  45. All that matters is where we are
  46. My life, my rules
  47. I’ll be there even when I’m not
  48. Captain of my ship
  49. “I’m living” without regret
  50. The story of ME!
  51. Don’t get it twisted
  52. It’s always giggles with me
  53. It feels good to be happy!
  54. A little more of me
  55. “My life” is just too cute
  56. Happiness isn’t always easy
  57. I can’t stop the feeling!
  58. “Life” is a beautiful thing
  59. Good vibes only
  60. A dreamer is never bored
  61. For me and you only. Private story
  62. I’m a spontaneous human being
  63. It’s always just you and me
  64. I’m here coz I love myself
  65. It is what it is
  66. All that matters is where we are
  67. My life, my rules
  68. I’ll be there even when I’m not
  69. Captain of my ship
  70. “I’m living” without regret
  71. The story of ME!
  72. Don’t get it twisted
  73. It’s always giggles with me
  74. I’m not perfect but could be worse
  75. I don’t want to grow up
  76. “Reality” is overrated
  77. What a mess I am!
  78. How to be an adult
  79. How not to be an adult
  80. I’m a rebel without a cause
  81. No fat chicks
  82. Shaggy dog
  83. Hot and sticky

Cool Snapchat Private Story Names

Do you want something cool for your Snapchat private story? Then here we are with some cool ideas and suggestions for private story name ideas.

  1. A beautiful disaster
  2. Love is all you need
  3. I’m the best of my worst
  4. Suspiciously Sweet Guy
  5. I’m not perfect
  6. Don’t judge me
  7. “I’m free” at last!
  8. Every day brings something new
  9. I’m just living life
  10. I’m not perfect, but I have fun
  11. Laugh now, cry later!
  12. Life is a journey
  13. Leave it all behind for a while
  14. My life is always an adventure
  15. Who am I? Meet the real me!
  16. Smile for the camera
  17. It’s all smiles now
  18. This is my world of color
  19. Cool story, bro
  20. “I live” for the good times
  21. Don’t forget to smile today
  22. Could be worse
  23. I’m Not A Player
  24. No need to be perfect
  25. Happy, healthy, and loved
  26. I’m just here to look cool
  27. I’ll never grow up!
  28. I’m not a hipster
  29. I’m sorry, not sorry
  30. I’m just me
  31. Can’t stop, won’t stop
  32. I’m so basic
  33. I woke up like this
  34. One of the few things I’m good at
  35. Don’t try this at home
  36. I’m not perfect, but I try
  37. Here’s my life on replay
  38. Betcha think this is it
  39. I’m the shizzle
  40. I’m from the ghetto
  41. Snapchatter of the Year
  42. Work hard. Play harder.
  43. Swagger on over here
  44. My life is so glamorous
  45. Good hair doesn’t care!
  46. Growing up is overrated, right
  47. Laugh now cry later
  48. What’s up? I just woke up!
  49. I’m so hot right now!
  50. “My life” is a pretty cool story
  51. My life is lit
  52. You can’t have my swag
  53. No makeup, no problem
  54. I’m a boss bitch, y’all hatin
  55. I need to get my swag back!
  56. I’m a cool kid
  57. You’re only as old as you feel!
  58. A perfect blend of class & swag
  59. I don’t like Mondays
  60. This is my happy place!
  61. Haters make me stronger
  62. The only one who knows
  63. I Just Really Like Girls
  64. Try not to be hard on yourself
  65. The one with the huge secret
  66. No filters here. It’s all me
  67. Be kind to one another
  68. The story of a lifetime
  69. Don’t judge a book by the cover
  70. “It’s complicated,” with a smile.

Snapchat Name Ideas Based On School Life

Here are some good private story names for students. If you create a Snapchat story based on school life, then you can get inspiration from the following names and create a unique one on your own.

  1. Lunchtime
  2. I just got in trouble
  3. Who just texted me?
  4. I’m late for school!
  5. “Shut up,” said my teacher
  6. Who just texted me?
  7. My crush just walked by
  8. My teacher is the best!
  9. I have to go
  10. Monsters University
  11. You don’t learn that in school
  12. Bag me to Hell
  13. Got my lunch
  14. “Shut up,” said my teacher
  15. I’m so tired!
  16. I just got in trouble
  17. I can’t wait for the weekend!
  18. I can’t wait until recess!
  19. I’m so sleepy
  20. I was late for school
  21. I can’t wait 4 d weekend!
  22. Why does school suck?
  23. I can’t wait until recess!
  24. School is hard
  25. Why does school suck?
  26. I had a great day
  27. My teacher is the best!
  28. School life is great
  29. I’m so excited
  30. What I did today!
  31. School is hard
  32. My crush just walked by
  33. I can’t wait to go home
  34. It’s time for recess
  35. Got my lunch
  36. I just got a new toy
  37. I’m so tired!
  38. Bored at school
  39. My teacher is mean
  40. After school hours
  41. High school musical
  42. School sweethearts
  43. When’s summer vacay
  44. I’m fabulous
  45. Always getting in trouble
  46. School sucks
  47. I’d rather be sleeping
  48. Always in for a bunk
  49. Graduating soon! (Hopefully)
  50. Class Party
  51. Lunch is my only motivation
  52. I have to go
  53. I’m so excited
  54. I had a great day
  55. My teacher is mean
  56. What I did today!
  57. I just got a new toy
  58. I was late for school
  59. I’m late for school!
  60. I’m so sleepy
  61. It’s time for recess
  62. Bored at school
  63. School life is great
  64. I can’t wait to go home
  65. Games Periods
  66. Just Chilling!
  67. School time, fun time!
  68. High Schoolers
  69. Behind the scenes

Snapchat Story Name Ideas For College Life

Check below the fun and exciting private story name ideas that can depict your wonderful college life:

  1. Loving my dorm life
  2. My roommate is the best
  3. I just got to class!
  4. Campus party
  5. I had a great day today!
  6. I saw this amazing thing!
  7. College is hard
  8. I’m so ready for today
  9. It’s Friday!
  10. College is hard
  11. Dorm life is the best
  12. I just got into college
  13. I had a great day today!
  14. Campus party
  15. I’m graduating soon!
  16. I just got a job
  17. It’s a weekday
  18. What I’m up to tonight
  19. My professors are incredible
  20. The final day of the semester
  21. Majoring in engineering
  22. I’m a pre-med
  23. It’s Friday!
  24. Loving my dorm life!
  25. I just got a job
  26. Dorm life is the best
  27. It’s a weekday
  28. I just got to class!
  29. I’m so ready for today
  30. I just got into college
  31. I’m studying for exams
  32. The final day of the semester
  33. What I’m up to tonight
  34. I’m majoring in
  35. I’m studying for exams
  36. I’m a pre-med
  37. I just got out of class
  38. I saw this amazing thing!
  39. My roommate is the best
  40. Majoring in engineering
  41. My professors are incredible
  42. I’m majoring in
  43. I just got out of class

Snapchat Private Story Name Ideas For Girls

Check below some good private story name ideas for girls that you can use on Snapchat:

  1. Vibe check
  2. Anabelle’s escape
  3. Fan club
  4. Robarazzi
  5. Picture this
  6. For the streets
  7. Feminist forever
  8. My eyes are up here!
  9. No bra club
  10. Double trouble
  11. Only trouble
  12. No filter
  13. Spilling the tea
  14. She was bored
  15. Too much tea
  16. The shade room
  17. “Bad” Girls
  18. The Sweet, Smart & Sexy
  19. The Girl Who Hates Herself
  20. Snapchat Queen
  21. Sorry, I Forgot to Wear a Bra
  22. You’ll Be My Next Boyfriend
  23. I’m a Girl Who Stays Up Late
  24. Full house
  25. No half sends allowed
  26. Powerpuff Girls
  27. Activities
  28. Ted Bundy tapes
  29. Hectic Shenanigans
  30. Mental breakdown central
  31. Welcome to my cult
  32. Ted Bundy’s victims
  33. I’m Beautiful. I’m Sexy. I Am a Woman.
  34. So Emotional
  35. The Girl Who Wears All Black
  36. The Girl Who Got the Date
  37. Every Breath You Take, I’ll Be Watching You
  38. ps for my bs
  39. Backstage pass
  40. The mystery files of (your name)
  41. Pizza Pizza! Let’s Eat!
  42. “Good” Girls
  43. The Girl Who Lost His Smile
  44. I’m Going to Be Famous
  45. Girl talk
  46. Bad shawtys only
  47. It’s personal
  48. Rise and shine
  49. Star in the making
  50. Whoops
  51. Congrats, you made it!
  52. That’s crazy, but who asked?
  53. Miss lazy
  54. Sorry mom
  55. Drama club
  56. Ah shi, here we go again
  57. Veggie tales
  58. 24 hours drama
  59. Private party
  60. Tea time
  61. My busy life
  62. Barbie tingz
  63. Total drama island
  64. Girls trip
  65. Life in the circus
  66. A series of bad decisions
  67. Baby, I’m worth it!
  68. Girl gang
  69. Rosy babe
  70. Story of a sassy b!tch
  71. Bad girls rule
  72. You can’t sit with us
  73. Alice in wonderland
  74. All the single ladies
  75. I’m a certified b!tch
  76. Booby trap
  77. All-day, all night
  78. Social butterfly
  79. Girl almighty
  80. Suite life of Suzie (Replace with your name)
  81. No boys allowed
  82. Chaotic cutie
  83. Girl Code
  84. Teenage fever
  85. Here Comes Trouble
  86. No, I’m Not Pregnant (Kidding)
  87. How Did I Get So Fat
  88. My Mom’s Favorite Child
  89. The Girl with Crazy Haircut
  90. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em
  91. I’m Not Trying To Be Mean But…
  92. Just A Girl Saying Hi
  93. I’m Cool, Seriously
  94. Oops! I Forgot My Pants. Again.
  95. I’ll be back; I’m Jss Pooping
  96. It’s Too Late To Apologize Now
  97. I Hate My Job. Why Do I Love It?
  98. I’m Growing Up
  99. Sweet Potato Toast: A Love Story
  100. Just a Girl in Love with Her Man
  101. Best Present: Peeing My Pants!
  102. This Girl is a Cat Lady
  103. I’m Just a Grown Woman
  104. We Can Be Heroes Together
  105. Don’t Cry: Smile Instead
  106. I’m Too Cool for School
  107. Superwoman

Snapchat Private Story Name Ideas For Boys

Boys who have a Snapchat story can use any of the following private story names and suggestions.

  1. Not A Player
  2. The Prom King: Charming & Classy
  3. What’s Up, Ladies?
  4. The One With the Crazy Friends
  5. Suspiciously Sweet Guy
  6. The Boy With the Messy Room
  7. Superman, But Too Shy
  8. My Next Girlfriend
  9. The Boy Who Hates Mondays
  10. I’m Too Good To Be True
  11. Aliens Exist & Want To Date Me
  12. I Scream, You Scream, Ice Cream
  13. Can I Have Your Number?
  14. Party On, Dude. Party Harder.
  15. I’m a Bully
  16. The Coolest Guy Ever
  17. The Boy Who Likes to Laugh
  18. I’m So Sorry, Really I Am
  19. I’m Too Flirty
  20. I Just Really Like Girls
  21. Here Comes Trouble
  22. Ladies Man Extraordinaire
  23. Sexy and I Know It
  24. The Boy Who Can’t Dance
  25. Just A Grown Man Crying in His Beer
  26. Girl in Love with a Bad Boy
  27. The Joke Machine
  28. Cool, Calm and Collected
  29. I’m Just A Kid, I Swear
  30. The Shy Guy Nobody Knows
  31. Just Kidding, No More Dates!
  32. Dating Material: If U Want Some
  33. The One With the Pretty Face
  34. Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine
  35. Young, Dumb and Bored AF
  36. I’m A Nerd
  37. Crazy And I Know It
  38. 100% Single and Available
  39. Fashionista Extraordinaire
  40. The Constant Complainer
  41. The Shy One
  42. Loose Lips Sink Ships
  43. This Is How I Roll
  44. I Know I’m Hot
  45. I’m So Lazy
  46. Snapchat King
  47. Ghost Story. Do Not Read Alone!
  48. I’m Too Young To Die
  49. Hey, Girl. I’ll Buy You Some Tacos
  50. Haters Gonna Hate
  51. Snack Time, Boys and Girls!
  52. Mood: Up For Anything
  53. The Boy With The Fuzzy Face
  54. DND; Doing Important
  55. Why Am I So Dumb?
  56. I’m Just A Boy Trying to B Cute
  57. The Boy Who Wears All Black
  58. The Silent Type
  59. The Most Interesting Boy Ever
  60. The Boy Who Lost His Smile
  61. The Kisser

Snapchat Name Ideas For Booklovers

Booklovers can pick any of the following names and use them as their private story name. You can use these suggestions to create good private story names funny for Snapchat.


  1. Go away, I am reading!
  2. The book thief
  3. Reading is delicious
  4. Reading Frenzy
  5. Hidden gems
  6. Pride and Prejudice, together at last
  7. Read it and weep
  8. For the record
  9. Reading hurts
  10. Nerd Alert!
  11. Warning: Bookworms ahead
  12. Shakespeare fan club
  13. Love. Books.
  14. Reading is my superpower
  15. This book will change your life
  16. Currently reading this guilty pleasure
  17. My fav modern comfort read
  18. For the love of reading
  19. Do Not Disturb- I’m with a book!
  20. Pros and Bros
  21. May your shelves be full!
  22. Learning is sweet!
  23. Coffee, books, and office
  24. Late Night Reader?
  25. Who moved my book?
  26. Readers gonna read
  27. Reading in my only therapy
  28. Tale of two cities
  29. Diary of a young girl
  30. Perpetual Potterhead
  31. Books that inspired me significantly
  32. Authors That Made a Big Difference
  33. My Weekend is Booked
  34. 50 shades of cray
  35. Teen dreamers
  36. On today’s episode
  37. Inside my brain
  38. My imaginary life
  39. Dear diary…
  40. Storytime
  41. 3 AM
  42. Love of the written word
  43. Read-a-thon – When you finish a book
  44. The Mystery of the Missing Book
  45. Story Time with {Me}
  46. Reading in Bed
  47. Books over People
  48. Sleepless, Read more
  49. I like big books, and I cannot lie
  50. Me reading your book
  51. Another bookish snap
  52. Happy Reading!
  53. A new book every day!
  54. Diary of a Bookworm
  55. Book Characters I Love
  56. I love to read
  57. Read till dawn
  58. Bookmarked for later
  59. Open book
  60. A little bit naughty
  61. Lost in a story
  62. Relax and Read
  63. Good to the last page
  64. Name That Book!
  65. Brain food
  66. Literature Love
  67. Nothing Comes Close to Reading for Me
  68. Reader, Writer, Dreamer
  69. The Magic of Books
  70. Tales From My Side Table
  71. Dream Big, Read Harder
  72. Book Nerd Confessions
  73. Reading’ like a Boss
  74. Read and savor
  75. Let’s talk about it
  76. A book for everyone
  77. Books are my friends
  78. Never judge a book by its cover
  79. Shakespeare stories
  80. Fault in our stars
  81. I’ve neared my limit
  82. Let the games begin
  83. Books, Books, Books!
  84. Sexy Reads
  85. Books are my life
  86. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books
  87. At the end of the day, I’m still a nerd
  88. Coffee makes me smarter, But only marginally
  89. Books I Wish Everyone Would Read At least Once in Their Life
  90. Books that will totally change your life
  91. Ode to books
  92. Your Next Book Should Be
  93. How much I love books
  94. Just Finished
  95. Nerdy by nature

Private Story Name Ideas: Final Thoughts

Individuals with a Snapchat account can stand out from others by using unique private story name ideas. Your story can appear at the top of your Snapchat friends’ stories list. If you want to make sure that your story stands out from the others, then you can pick any of the above-mentioned name ideas and suggestions that you like. If you love Snapchat, then increase your popularity more by creating a cool and amazing name.

Frequently Asked Questions About Snapchat Names

If you still have some doubts regarding choosing ‘good private story names funny’, then you can check the answer to some of the frequently asked questions.

What makes good private story names funny for Snapchat?

Private story names can help boost engagement on Snapchat. Adding a little humor, coolness, or authenticity can make good private story names funny for Snapchat.

How to modify who can view your private story on Snapchat?

In order to modify who can view your private story on Snapchat, go to the page where you can see your currently active stories. Then you have to click on the three dots in your private story. Now you can modify your story settings and will be able to change them by choosing ‘view my story.’ This way, you can select the friends who you want to see.

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