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6 Best Themes for Your New Year’s Eve Party



New year

New Year’s Eve is the best time to host a fun and unique party with friends and family. Many choose to host theme-based parties to make them more memorable and worthwhile. For the upcoming New Year’s Eve party, choose a theme that is exciting yet easy for your guests to adopt. Check out the best ideas below.

Classic Casino

Creating a vibrant casino setting for your party is easy. The prominent color schemes include black, white, red and green. You can recreate a modern setting inspired by a futuristic Bitcoin casino or take guests back in time with a retro 20’s gambling theme.

The dress code can be upscale 007 styles or vintage with flappers’ dresses, beaded necklaces, and more. Ensure that the music goes well with the setting.

Keep your guests entertained with plenty of classic casino games across multiple tables. Each table should fit around 5-6 people for a great experience. Bring in a few table slot machines and set up poker, bingo, dominos and other games for everyone to enjoy. If it fits the budget, hire a few professional dancers or a magician to create a show that matches the theme.

Keep the appetizers and cocktails flowing throughout the party while the guests play games. Set up a buffet corner so people can get food in the middle of the gameplay as per their needs.

The party favors should match the theme, and a great option is customized playing cards, poker chips or cupcakes.

Black and White

A black-and-white party theme is ideal if you want to add many DIY elements, as it is easy to create. Fill up the party space with black and white colored balloons, garlands, and more. Use tissue paper and fabric to build the general party décor and the backdrop for the photo booth.

Ask your guests to glam up in black or white clothes or mix the colors. For example, one can wear a black hat, a white cocktail dress, and a handbag with a checkered black-and-white exterior. It will look great in photos as well.

Sticking to a black-and-white theme for the food is simple and affordable. A staple of such parties is a massive platter of Oreo cookies. You can also choose to make Oreo cupcakes, brownies, and more. Black and white food colorings are mandatory for the party.

Choose to include black and white candies, Hershey’s Kisses, macarons, dark chocolate donuts, and so on. Give out color-based candies as party favors with printable black-and-white labels outside the containers.

New Year’s Eve Party

Retro Bollywood

For a colorful and upbeat New Year’s Eve party, nothing comes close to a retro Bollywood theme. Guests can wear brightly colored sarees, hand-painted sneakers, lehengas or dhotis with dramatic eye makeup. For a more retro look, they can wear palazzo pants, bell bottoms, and headbands.

The music can be hit 80’s and 90’s Bollywood songs, a mix of slow and fast-paced tracks. Add a karaoke station where guests can sing to their heart’s content and have a great time. Ensure that the guests have enough space to dance to the catchy tunes.

Food is one of the best aspects of a Bollywood party. You can include kebabs, skewers, golgappas and chats as party snacks. For the main course, stick to classics like butter chicken, tandoori paneer, naan, jeera rice, masala buttermilk, lassi, and more. For dessert, provide options like laddoos, ras malai and gulab jamun. They can be easily made at home or prepared by a caterer. Adjust the spice levels as per your guests’ needs.

Favorite Celebrity

A range of options come under the celebrity party theme. You can choose to keep the options broad. People can dress up as any celebrity regardless of the decade or industry, even as a movie star. It opens the possibility of having both Bob Marley and Donald Trump look-alikes at your party, for example. Request your guests to impersonate the celebrities of their choice for a fun time. For example, you can keep the celebrity theme more specific, to only movie stars or politicians.

The music should be lively and complement the interesting conversations that will go down during your party. Keep things interesting by hosting typical party games like bingo, charades, beer pong, and more. The food can be diverse with loads of options, or you can keep it simple by opting for pizza, chicken wings and cocktails.

Glow in the Dark

If none of your guests are afraid of the dark, you can throw a great glow party at home or in a party hall. Blacklights are essential to throwing a party on this theme, as are glowsticks and paint. Ask your guests to wear simple, light-colored clothes with fluorescent elements.

Set up a station where guests can smear their arms and faces with glow paint. Add fluorescent hats, shades, bracelets, fake mustaches and more at the station for guests to use for photo opportunities.

Keep the lights as dim as possible but ensure no tripping hazards. Keep the music loud so that guests can dance the night away.

It might be hard for guests to carry food around in the dark. Therefore, set up a food and drinks stall far from the main party space. Make sure that the food station is properly lit for guests’ convenience. The food should be easy to much on so guests can finish up and return to the party. Use large cups for beverages, which lowers the chances of spillage.

Mystical Masquerade

Mystical Masquerade

A masquerade party is perfect for keeping things mysterious and elegant. Ask your guests to be creative with their masks, and do not reveal anyone’s identity until the end for a fun time. They can wear long flowy dresses and tuxedos to match the theme. The music should be sultry and classic.

Keep the food classy by including champagne, caviar, oysters, Kobe beef, lobster, and more. You can even include food with gold leaves on the menu.

A theme-based New Year’s Eve party is always a good idea. Make sure to plan the party in advance and inform the guests of the theme as early as possible for a hassle-free experience.

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