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Let’s Find Out What Creed Said in Chinese



what did creed say in chinese

Creed Bratton- a fictionalized character of Creed Bratton himself. The astonishing fact about this character is that Creed Bratton (the actor) played his own dramatized version in the sitcom –The Office.
The Office is one of the most popular American sitcoms. It is basically a mockumentary that portrays the everyday work life of American employees in a paper company. The fictionalized company- Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, became the prime theme of this sitcom. Among the many wonderful characters, Creed’s character is also an appealing one. Let’s get right into what Creed said in Chinese!

what did creed say in chinese


Who is Creed?

At the office, Creed works as a quality control director. He is a fairly old me Office is one of the most popular American sitcoms. It is basically a mockumentary that portrays the everyday work life of American emploan in his forties or fifties. He had a dark past which affects his memory. It even makes him forget even the title of his job and the names of his co-workers.

The most tempting quality of his character was his front and bold attitude. His “I don’t give a damn” outlook is the essence of his character. Despite having a background role, the character whenever appeared on-screen never failed to catch the attention of its audience.

Another interesting fact about Creed’s character was when he tried to hook up his daughter with Jim. And later, telling Jim that he thought he was gay. When Jim asked why he would set up his daughter with a gay man. He just went on with “I don’t know”. This aspect of his personality later got revealed, when he somehow disclosed that he was bisexual.

Among many of his unique unusual qualities, Creed was also bilingual. On one side, his bilingualism appealed to the audience. While on the other side it also made them curious. Because he used to casually say something in Chinese, not even caring to translate it for the rest of his team. This thing not only perplexes the other crew of the sitcom but also baffles the audience.

What did Creed say in Chinese? – the one where Creed greets

The first time Creed showed off his bilingual quality was in the episode “Dwight’s Speech” of season 2. Here he did give a pre-context before saying the Chinese words. But, the way he said it at the very instant was quite a shock for everyone.

During this scene when Creed revealed his Chinese speaking skills. The office was giving Jim travel ideas. Creed also pours in his idea by suggesting Jim for Hong Kong, China. At this point, he showed his skills. He goes on by saying, “I’d like to say hi to my friends in China.” With this, he continued to speak Chinese,


“wa du jung wa du pung yo nihao”

Although, his accent was a little difficult to understand. But, the way he suddenly greets in Chinese was quite witty of him. The dialogue roughly translates as,

“My China friends hello.”

This is what it translates when Creed says hello in Mandarin. The way his accent came out was quite amusing. He was one of those characters whose every dialogue and every expression brings a comical touch to the scene.

What did Creed say in Chinese? – the one where Creeds read the label

Amongst many of his famous dialogues, the dialogue that left the American audience wondering was when he casually read a label in Chinese. The fun part is that Creed didn’t even bother translating it. So, if you are also here to satisfy your curiosity- perplexing on what did creed say in Chinese? Then let us pacify it for you.

The dialogue where Creed just went on uttering the Chinese words without even bothering to translate them, was quite comical. The most on-point display of his cranky and I don’t care attitude is clearly visible in this dialogue. Apart from this, this dialogue also reflects one of his qualities of bilingualism. But, the funny part is that his bilingual quality was of no help especially when needed.

Season and Episode

The scene where this dialogue took place, was part of the episode “Viewing Party” from season 7. The episode – themed as a Glee viewing party, hosted by Gabe. As the party was on flow, Andy is exploring Gabe’s apartment along with Ryan.

During this, a bottle made Andy curious. This bottle contained some sort of powder with a label in Chinese. Ryan in his naivety made a presumption that it is some sort of a Chinese virility herb. Having heard this, Andy sprinkled some of this powder with his wine and gulped it.

what did creed say in chinese


At first, he felt quite good but soon he got severely ill. He started feeling nauseous and throws up. At this point, he asked Creed to read what the label said. To his question, Creed just simply read the text in Chinese. Instead of translating it he just went on to read it. This is where Creed showed his bizarre attitude. Leaving Andy and the viewers in perplex ion.

Full Dialogue With Translation

The dialogue was in Chinese as the label states,


“Hǎimǎ bùyào gēn jiǔluàn gǎo” in pinyin”

The translation of this dialogue in English goes like this,

“Do not mix the sea horse with alcohol”

Well, now you can figure out what happened to Andy. It was not a bottle of some Chinese virility herb but rather powdered sea horse. And the label on it forbade mixing it with alcohol. Which is the exact opposite of what Andy did and later suffered the consequences.

This whole scene was very amusing. Andy with his jealousy and curiosity, Ryan with his stupidity and assumptions, and Creed just being his bizarre and blunted self. You can enjoy this hilarious scene here:


Creed’s character was sort of mysterious. You can never predict what he is about to say. What new aspect of his personality will come out. And this is what makes him unique and attractive.

His peculiar ways like struggling to look young after dyeing his hair with printer ink was a comic in itself. Just like this, you can find many hidden aspects of Creed’s personality. Yet still, you won’t completely unravel the mystery behind his incomprehensible face.



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