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What is the Patient Portal?



Patient Portal

Patient Portal Aegislabs is a website platform focused on welcoming patients with personalized and quick information. It is a 24/7 accessible platform that anyone can open from any part of the world. The patient portal helps in two main things. First, it helps the patients to have free, easy, and quick access to their entire medical history and records. Second, this platform helps in increasing the communication between physicians regarding specific individuals and their health.

Benefits of Patient Portal

Using patient portal aegislabs eases the entire workload and the process of treatment. When all the data is recorded and kept in this portal, there are very few chances of medical errors. The entire workflow is completely streamlined in simple steps. One thing that manually takes hours can be done in just a few minutes now. There are six main benefits of the patient portal that are described in detail below.

Rapid growth

The entire industry of medicine is shifting towards patient-centered care. During or after any treatment, the patients always ask for their medical records and history. Also, whenever a patient visits for any kind of checkup, the doctor always asks for the patient’s history before prescribing any medicine to them.

Patients themselves also prefer to have their medical history with them that can be used any time they need. The industry has grown rapidly in the last few years, and now people prefer digital data instead of getting all the documentation done.

Increase in the office efficiency

Office efficiency has increased a lot with the use of the patient portal. The communication between the patients and the medical practices has increased. A lot of time is saved when the patients sign up with new clients. The patients have to add all the details digitally in the appropriate sections. This leaves very few chances for errors to happen, and the information is stored in a perfectly aligned and systematic manner. This electronic medical record exchange helps the entire humanity in getting quick health recoveries.

As for the patients, they do not have to wait for a long time to get any kind of report or result about a test. They can see the result or its progress directly from this portal. There is no need to call the physician or send them a report and then wait hours to hear the response. The portal helps the patient to easily send messages and files to and fro between patients and physicians.

Increase in the use of telemedicine


A lot of people pay unnecessary visits to the doctors just to get satisfaction after hearing from an expert. Patient portal aegislabs help in providing the patients with a service where they can consult with the doctor or physician through video call or a chat option. This gives the doctor an idea if the illness can be easily treated or not. If it can be treated, then they prescribe the medicine online. In case the illness requires face to face check-up, then they can further schedule the appointment from the same portal.

Increase in the patient engagement

One thing that patients require the most is satisfaction and knowledge about the illness they are suffering from. They get highly satisfied when they have all the reports and documents in one place. All patients prefer getting to know each and everything instead of just listening to medical terms that they have no clue what they mean.

Fewer medical errors

In most hospitals, the patient first gets connected with the receptionist or the assistant. They note down everything that the patient explains and then send it further to the doctor. As a result, there are a lot of chances for errors to happen. Miscommunication is a common problem in this situation.

Essential facts about the Patient Portal

Patient portal aegislabs is something that is here to stay for a long time. The entire industry of medicine will shift towards advancement, growth, and rapid treatment method with this portal. Hospitals and medical units are moving towards this change very quickly, and in no time, the portals will take over all the medical history of the patients.

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