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Ten Best Sneakers to Buy in Dubai 2024




Even if we don’t play ball or go to the gym as much, trainers are a mainstay in our outfits. They are simple to put on, the most excellent option for walking, and they take formal and streetwear to another level. Sneakers are in high demand among artists and fashion icons alike because of their lightweight and athletic form. Additionally, this shoewear isn’t gender-specific, making it even more popular among the masses. Thus, this post is for you if you like adorning premium sneakers on the streets of Dubai. So, let’s look at some best options for Sneakers to Buy in Dubai.

The All-Rounder: New Balance Men’s 515 V1 Sneaker

These are the first choice if you wish to buy sneakers that set a precedent but don’t make it look like you’re trying too hard.

In these casual sneakers, New Balance maintains its classic style. However, they are made for all-day comfort so sneakerheads can adorn them with regular clothing. The base and heel of the shoe include a thin layer of EVA padding that helps reduce impact. In addition, the supple rubber outsole provides a grip.

Nearly every satisfied reviewer has testified to the comfort of these shoes and also praises its timeless, retro-inspired design. Olive is the recommended color, but you may also choose from all-black, cobalt, wheat, and other tones.

Most Fashionable: Champion Rally Pro

These sneakers have made a permanent name among street fashion enthusiasts.

The high-top sock shoe, a streetwear staple, is frequently seen tucked beneath sweatpants and baggy cargo trousers. Signature of Champion Rally Pro shoes, it has a hefty rubber outsole and a breathable knit top.

Champion Rally

The sock-like design and the front and back pull buttons on the ankle make them reasonably simple to put on and take off. In addition to the all-black selection, the pair comes in eight colors.

Further, it has a good form, which ensures comfort. An example of this is the optimum ankle support it offers.

Sophisticated Style: Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon SK VLC

This pair of Polo Ralph Lauren canvas shoes is a sure eye-catcher in the crowd. The Faxon SK VLC shoes are a hybrid of dressy and casual. They offer a look you could carry to work without worrying about what you’re wearing.

The low-top shoes go well with shorts or chino trousers because of their stylish appearance. Additionally, the leather laces match the logo marking, which is made of the same material. On the quarter panel, the distinctive pony logo gives off a sophisticated look.

Budget Friendly: Crocs LiteRide 360 Pacer


The Crocs LiteRide 360 Pacer has both the breathable top and the lightweight construction required for holiday footwear. In addition, the pair is lightweight and resistant to outdoor conditions thanks to the LiteRide foam inserts.

Additionally, since they dry rapidly, you may anticipate air circulation for your feet even while you’re out and about close to a water body.

Many have worn them to the beach, park, and other outdoor locations because of the rubber outsole’s reliable traction on slippery surfaces like wet pebbles or concrete. For a loose fit, Crocs advises purchasing a size larger.

Best Routine Wear: Reebok Men’s Bs7966 Fitness Shoes

If you want to buy sneakers for regular use, look no further than this pair by Reebok. The low-cut Royal Ultras from Reebok include a high-wear rubber outsole and an EVA footbed for shock absorption.

Given how fashionable and comfy they are, these sneakers, which have suede embellishments in a delicate cream color, may easily take the place of your go-to pair. So instead, wear these underneath formal pants or jeans; either way, they’ll look fantastic!

For Athletic Enthusiasts: Skechers Sport Men’s Vigour 2.0 Serpentine

Best Sneakers to Buy in Dubai

The Skechers Vigor 2.0 Serpentine sneaker is a good option if you buy sneakers with a hefty shape. This is because it has a shock-absorbing midsole and the company’s well-known Memory Foam insole.

As a result, the pair is suitable for all situations, whether you spend a lot of time on your feet or require a versatile athletic shoe for the gym.

The side panels include tiny perforations that ensure your feet stay comfortable all day long. They may also be worn casually, according to Skechers, and are intended for walking and other fitness-related activities.

Dressy Option: Hugo Boss Saturn Low Top

Hugo Boss offers Saturn Low Top sneakers for individuals who long for supple, flexible, and athletic premium sneakers. These sneakers are a fantastic substitute for formal footwear because of their simple design without sacrificing their innovative, stylish appearance.

Memory foam is used for the insoles’ optimal cushioning and breathability. Additionally, the Bamboo-charcoal fabric controls moisture and odor.

Thus, this Hugo Boss pair keeps your feet fresh and comfy for longer, making it a worthy purchase.

Vintage Vibe: Viron 1968 Contrast Sneakers

This AppleSkin sneaker is the most stylish as well as environment-friendly sneaker option. The low-top cut and thick base give off the ’70s vibe. However, its design is immortal and great to pair with a retro outfit.

The infrastructure keeps foot comfort in mind. Thus, you could wear it all day long without feeling anything.

Sporty Style: ON Cloudmonster Lumos sneakers

These running shoes provide an energy return you will like by enabling incredibly gentle landings and maximum rebound. Pay attention to the dramatic rocker form, luminous detailing, soft sock liner, and cutting-edge CloudTec technology.

Furthermore, the pair’s low weight, durability, and temperature resistance are also worth mentioning. Finally, please don’t underestimate the shoes for their hip vibe because they deliver outstanding performance.

Sleek and Subtle: ONITSUKA TIGER Mexico 66 slip-on sneakers

These Mexico 66 kicks scream a subtle promise of endurance and style. Moreover, the color variety lets customers express themselves.

Its slip-on design and traditional Mexico 66 details, like the heel flap and reinforced ankles, make this pair a worthy purchase.


You now know the ten most premium sneakers to buy in Dubai. Thus, choose the pair that best defines you. However, remember to keep comfort in mind when making your purchase. Happy shopping!

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