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Canada Or Sweden: Which Country is Better To Live In



Canada Or Sweden

When it comes to choosing a country to live in, you consider so many factors before making a firm decision. Your decision may depend on financial aspects, job opportunities, climate change, culture, traditions, food type, health benefits, language, crime rate, and many more factors.  That said, the preference to live in a country is subjective. This article will be reviewing the top two most desirable countries to live in: Canada Vs Sweden. Continue reading to get some valuable information to make a firm decision. 

Canda vs Sweden: Better Location 



Nestled in the northern hemisphere, Canada is filled with arctic tundra and snow sprinkled mountains. It is all set to give you some icy chills around the year. 


Sweden is nestled in northern Europe and lies between Norway and Finland. But indeed has so much more to offer than fresh and wintery beautiful mornings. Temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees and can go high to 30 degrees. And one of the best kept Sweden’s secrets is that it offers some fantastic beaches and is a beautiful place to spend summers. 

Educational Benefits In Canada and Sweden



Canada ensures valuable education and access to the best schooling across the country. The government is more concerned about education and wants to offer a holistic educational approach based on platforms to children in the country. To promote education, Canadian universities and schools provide great scholarships; do check them out. 


Sweden is best known for its quality education and wants to make it accessible to everyone. Swedish schools and universities offer free education to EU citizens. also scholarship; therefore, you can enjoy quality education without losing your pocket strings once you get EU citizenship. If you don’t have EU citizenship, you have to pay for the education plan accordingly. 

However, they do offer some best scholarships; therefore Google and check out the Schools in Sweden. 

Healthcare facilities



Canada has a fair healthcare system with affordable medical treatments. Each province is provided with a fully-fledged health budget, and local administration issues a health budget to eligible candidates, which allows Canadian citizens to avail various healthcare benefits. 


Sweden has around 60 expert hospitals that are specialized healthcare centers. The healthcare schemes are carried out after observing the local level requirements, which results in well-structured hospitals. 

The cherry on top is that the municipal government takes the discharged patients’ responsibility and checks whether they need home care facilities or public nursing homes. 

Work Culture 


Canadian workplace is far more egalitarian than the other workplaces in the world. Employees have to follow instructions, but they are not belittled whilst giving a suggestion, and all the employees across the hierarchical work chain are well-respected. The managers are always there to help and guide their juniors. When it comes to feedback, Canadians give direct feedback and will always appreciate your work. 


It can be said that working in Sweden is like being on vacation– as they give you many holidays. Initially, many companies offer around five weeks of paid leave, and benefits increase as you do up in the workplace hierarchy. Also, the work culture in Sweden is healthy, and every employee is given equal respect. If you are expecting to be parents soon, you will be getting 480 days of paid parental leave, which is enormous! 

Economic stability In Both Countries


Well, postcard images worthy view is not only the reason why you should choose Canada. The financial aspect is also something you can consider while moving to Canada. Canada has the world’s most robust economy and gives a substantial career option to the people. Canadians, on average, can earn around $1,050.59 per week, and VAT in Canada is 5% on health, rental, child care, or, in a nutshell, on all essential services. 


Taxes are much much higher not only in Europe but around the world as well. The benefits offered by the Swedish government are great in healthcare, education, food, and many more. If you earn 18,800kr per year or less, then you are not entitled to pay any tax. If you make more than 433,000kr, you have to pay 31% tax. Standard VAT in the country is around 25%. 

Similarities between Sweden and Canada 

canada or sweden

Well, there are not many similarities between Sweden and Canada. Differences go beyond culture, language, taxes, food, etc. However, there are some similarities in both countries. Let’s discuss them below.

Flora & Fauna  

As both countries have almost similar climatic conditions, they both share the same flora & fauna. Both the nations are blessed with vast forest lands with magnificent canopying trees. The forests can be easily spotted across the country. 

Leisure and relaxation activities  

Both Sweden and Canada are known for their enormous recreational centres. Both the countries offer great leisure activities to relax their people. So if you are in a mood to dance along with a Polar bear or see a penguin dive in the ocean, both countries can accommodate both. 


Houses in both the country are not built with bricks; instead are made with no material to prevent cold from damping in. But this doesn’t mean that they are of poor quality; instead, they are built with high-quality material to keep the house’s temperature moderate. 

Air is as fresh as a daisy. 

Citizens of both countries enjoy the fresh breeze of air. The fresh atmosphere is the result of enormous forest land across the country. Pacific and Atlantic oceans at the borders of Canada and Baltic and Norwegian sea flow across Sweden also contribute to fresh air. 

The Bottom Line

We hope now choosing between Canada and Sweden will not be Sophie’s choice! We have covered almost all the differences and similarities between the two most tempted countries to make the work very easy for you. Hopefully, you will make a thoughtful decision. 


I’m Jordan Frode from Stockholm, an avid columnist, who has been in the business for 5 years. My expertise are straightforwardly identified with reporting various topics across Sweden and Europe.

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